Summer, 15
North Carolina, USA
My interests and things would probably include band (I play the saxophone) and cheerleading. I love Parks and Recreation and The Office (US). Harry Potter and Star Trek are also pretty cool cx I like any music except country.. Yea 🙂

My perfect pen pal would probably be 15+ (Any gender is a good gender). We could talk via snail mail and send little packages and such cx (I’m cool with email, too, but snail mail is pretty rad)
Message me on my tumblr if you’re interested! saxy-sexaphone


Hi there!
I’m totally new on this pen pal thing, but it sounded fun so well, I’ll give it a try!

My name is Anja and I am a 16 year old girl from Sweden. Horse riding is my biggest passion in life and right now I have two ponies at home. With one of the horses I do a lot of competing, showjumping, which I prefer. 

My favourite subjects in school are math, fysics and cemestry, but I actually like all of the subjects less or more. When I’m at home and not in the stable I enjoy running, listen to music, eating and watching movies or TV-shows, especially Pretty Little Liars! I also love reading books and driving around in my dear tractor (It’s actually a car, but it only goes for 30 km/hour). I also have an Instagram account, follow me at @castarhaa 

I’m looking for a pen pal in the ages between 15 and 18 years, boy or girl dosen’t matter! I can speak english, german (not perfect, but I can understand almost everything and make myself understood quite good) and swedish so send me an email to if you like too! 


Name:  Suleeko
Age:  19
Country: United kingdom
Gender: female
Languages: english
Interests/Hobbies: anime/music/comic/art/tv shows
Personal message: Not really sure what to say her but hey send me a message if you’re interested
Contact info (email or Tumblr): or

About the penpal/s I’m looking for-
Countries: Any 
Gender: Any
Age group: 17-30
Languages: All, if you speak either Swedish/ Japanese then that’s a massive bonus  
Email, snail mail or both: both, 
Anything else: currently i’m able to communicate via email for a few months before moving onto snail mail, mostly because i’m moving out and other stuff that will keep me busy. After all of stuff in IRL has been sorted then i’ll be able to send out snailmail. 

If you don’t mind the above then feel free to send a message.


Hey!! So I’m looking for more pen pals ( obviously) 

I love snail mailing, so that’s more or less what I prefer, I get pretty creative ( just a warning ) 

About me you ask? well….

Name: Bea 

Age: 17 

Gender: Female ( duh ) 

Country: South Africa.

Religion/belief/faith: Christian.

Things I do weekly: write letters, feed my animals, read books, take weird pictures, shower ( sometimes ), drink milk, listen to music, practise violin, bite my lower lip, pray, text, drink earl grey tea, make strong coffee, walk with my dogs, threaten to ignore my hair for a year, wish I had a more exciting life. 

Yeah so! if you’d like to be my pen pal, please let me know! I don’t mind sending the first letter at all! 

prefered age would be 16-25. so yeah! 

oh, and if you just scroll on and ignore this, it’s chilled… at least smile while you’re at it 😛

– potential pen pal.





I’m starting to find an interest in photography but among that I like reading and netflix is slowly becoming my life. I’m currently studying both English Literature and Language and Sociology. I’m really into music and will listen to pretty much anything but some of my favorite artists are Lana Del Ray, Front Porch Step, Fall Out Boy and You me at six. 

I honestly wouldn’t mind who my pen-pal was:)

 just message me on tumblr=    were-all-drowning-above-water