Hi everyone. I’m Selina, 24. I live in Hong Kong. 

I am looking for snail mail penpals from all over the world.

I am a nerdy fangirl spending most of my time binge watching Netflix at home. I also know a little bit tarot. Currently learning basic French but suck at it.

  • Favorite TV Shows: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Skam, Stranger Things, Shadowhunters
  • Favorite Films: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Kingsman, The Lord of the Rings Series, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Wreck-it Ralph, The Lego Batman Movie, Spring Breakers, Kamikaze Girls, What We Do In The Shadows (and also every Disney teen movie. they are cliche but still good guilty pleasure.)
  • Favorite Books: Pride and Prejudice, Fangirl, Carry On, Wonder (I am not exactly a huge reader 😛 )
  • Favorite Music: Troye Sivan, Alessia Cara, Imagine Dragons
  • Other Random Likes and Dislikes: I love animals but own none. My favorite is properly llamas, followed by giraffes. I am not exactly a dog lover. In fact, I am afraid of them but I still find that pugs are cute. I like collecting stationery such as washi tapes and highlighters. I love traveling around the world. I had studied abroad in France for 1 semester. It was a life changing experience to me. I would like to enjoy your travel stories too.

I am not looking for anyone in particular. 

Feel free to contact me at kawingmok @ gmail. com


Hello! My name’s Ryan and I go by he/him pronouns!

I’m 18 (actually just days away from turning 19 as I’m writing this – my birthday’s November 11th) I live in Idaho, USA. I unfortunately cannot send letters/mail atm but it’s totally okay to talk over Tumblr or email!

I’m currently in a relationship with a guy, I am indeed not heterosexual. I like to think of myself as a big activist for the LGBT community / equality in general. I am liberal so if you’re not okay with that I don’t think we should be speaking because I’m looking for arguments. 

I’d describe my personality as kind of shy / isolated. I don’t have that many friends due to me being Autistic and also suffering from Misophonia. I’m known to be somewhat self critical, especially at times where I have trouble understand conversations / concepts.  But besides that, (at least I like to think) I’m funny and care about the people I talk to!

I’m looking for people that share interests, and I’d prefer if you were 16+ years of age. Gender or location aren’t a problem!

  • Music: My music taste changes drastically sometimes, from The Beatles to Marilyn Manson and everything in between… but what I listen to most / consider myself a “stan” of are The Pretty Reckless, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez. 
  • TV Shows/Movies: I’m a huge fan of Supernatural, Stranger Things and Criminal Minds. My favorite movies are Harry Potter and The Scorch Trials. 
  • YouTubers: I mostly watch YouTube for paranormal story times or conspiracy theories because I’m really intrigued. Some people I watch include Shane Dawson, Jessii Vee, Hailey Reese, Loey Lane, Michelle Platti and Kendall Rae.
  • I also love art, vintage stuff and horror movies!!! 

If you’re interested in speaking, my tumblr is
and my email is wjzardsofwaverlyplace @ gmail. com
(Shush, I made the email when I was very young!)

let’s see how this goes


What’s up everyone, My name is Steve and Im 27 from New York (US). 

Basically my goal is travel the world and I’m looking for people / friends etc from other countries to communicate with and give me insight on places and the cultures we don’t normally hear about via the mainstream.

I’m open to anyone and anybody, but with age prob like 22-29

I’m a firefighter and part time dispatcher for the FD so I’m awake/ asleep at all different hours of the day.

Having a snail mail pal would be sweet, but I’m not opposed to you contacting me on my social media accounts.

INSTA: steveeeeeo34

Don’t be shy, I’m pretty down to earth and cool and will basically talk about anything.


Hey ! My name is Tineale, I’m 24 and from Australia! 

I’m currently looking for a snail mail buddy who I can send dodgy home made, wax stamped envelopes to with a whole bunch of random things. I would like to think I am creative. I’m quite big into photography and been trying my skills in other areas such as painting and drawing.

I do work a lot but when I’m not, I’m usually found playing battlefield 1 on my Xbox or watching yet another TV series I could finish in a very short period of time! Umm.. not sure what else to dot down. I’m pretty terrible at this. 

But if some how I’ve managed to grabbed your attention and want to know more about me and/or you enjoy receiving stuff in the mail then lemme know!

Over here!


Hello there! My name is Ida, and i’m an 18 year old girl from Norway.

I’m a free spirited girl with raging imagination. I have a collection of notebooks filled with dreams, nightmares, poetry/riddles, polaroid pictures and a lot of stories i fantasize about on my walks. I love going outside, to abandoned places, the deep forest, the sea, cinema and cafés! I love everything vintage or funny looking stuff, I collect all kinds of things, I also love everything aesthetically pleasing!

I am a bit messy and disoriented, but I know where my heart lies. I love to capture moments that fascinates me. Everything from the yellow trees against the blue sky or describe how the sea draws me to it. Sometimes though, I don’t capture those moments, almost like a secret only I know of. But I also like a chill day relaxing and reflecting over everything.

I love to listen to music. But don’t ask about genres! My playlist is a mess! (And I love it!) I love all kinds of movies, the ones that fill me with happiness, tears, laughter or the spooks! 

Since i’m not a quiet person, and definitely not an introvert, I would love to talk to someone with a free-mind and open heart as well. But I honestly would love to speak to everyone, despite how different we are. 

Email and letters are both ok. Since I love to draw, write and make homemade gifts, each letter will contain something.

E-mail: kristiansen.ida @ yahoo .com

Feel free to contact me!