I am 26 years old guy and looking for another guy, someone close to my age as a penpal. I am in a relationship so i’m just looking for a great contact. When I was younger I wrote for years but in the end I lost contact, but I have great memories to it and would love it again. I’m Dutch, but speak english fluent, and looking for a contact in the western european area or North american region.

I study law, but love to travel and learn about other cultures, I also love to cook, though i’m not that great at it yet :p. I also like to game, watch anime and am an avid hiker. Im calm by nature and rather direct, but in my eyes that is a positive treat. 

I’m looking for someone who has a bit of the similar interests and near the same age as me. Would loveto find out if we connect and would be great to get to know you.

I just created a Tumblr account for this purpose, so I dont really know how this works, but i assume you can reply to this post and we can get in touch.

Kind regards and I hope to hear from you.

June 15, 2018

Young adult looking for friends


Hi, everybody! My name’s Gavin, I’m a 24 yo pansexual transman living in the southern US. I’m looking for friends who would want to email/text frequently and maybe even send snail mail, as I love getting letters.

A bit about me: I love hiking and I spend most of my time outside in my hammock. I also love to swim, play the guitar, and play video games. My favorite games are Sly Cooper, The Sims, and Detroit Become Human. I love seeing movies and going to the drive-in. I also am obsessed with reading books (mostly YA) and my favorite book is Ready Player One.

I am almost 9 months on testosterone and have been out since 2009.

Feel free to shoot me a message if you’d like to chat. My email is listed below. Can’t wait to meet you all!

June 14, 2018

pen pal wanted :)


Hi! My name is Jason. I’m a 24 year old closeted bisexual male from Texas USA. Would love to have someone to email back and forth to get to know and just be able to talk to! Im in graduate school, love music and play the guitar & sing. Just starting to get into the xbox world. Love movies too! Been struggling through figuring life out and would love to talk with some people who maybe are going through similar things. Hope to hear from some of you soon! 🙂



June 14, 2018

Hello beautiful people!


Name Dasha
Age 20
Location Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Looking for a snail mail penpal

Hey there, I’m a shy, awkward but nice (I think) Russian female who’s looking for new connections.


  • books 
  • cartoons
  • musicals 
  • games 
  • art
  • theatre 
  • movies 
  • Tv shows
  • rain


  • prejudice
  • hot weather

Looking for

  • 18-30 year old someone to exchange cute letters, opinions, passions; to have a nice easy conversation with; just all in all have a great old time 


koko20222 @

@banakafalatagh on Instagram