Hiiiiiii bbs my name is Luzcelly! Im 20 years old and from the suburbs of Chicago,Illinois (US). My bestfriend told me about this so it wouldnt hurt to give it a try right? Im honestly not sure how this works but id really like it give it a try to meet new people! I am hoping to find long term pen pals! I am willing to have more than one pen pal because go big or go home BAM 

Likes: music DEFINITELY MUSIC! Im into kpop,R&B, pop and spanish music! I am an animal person! Old cartoon comics are my thing (garfield,snoopy,little lulu, etc.) Mi tierra bonita, Mexico 

Dislikes: rude and very ignorant/closeminded people, certain foods tbh annnnnnnd im not sure what else buuut i guess youll figure em out as we connect! Haha!

I sorta want to keep my pen pals around my age just because itll be easier to relate! No intention on hurtin younger or older people! I still love yall I am lgbt+ friendly! I am bilingual, i speak english and spanish! Im hoping to meet some really cool people i can relate to or come to know 

My email is:
Instagram: pizarrolulu
Twitter: pizarrolulu



Hi! My name Amanda and I’m 20. I’m just looking for friends and I feel like internet friends are the easiest to make lol. 

I enjoy anything to do with art or outdoors. Such as hiking and riding. I also love fashion even though I don’t dress the best lol. I’m free spirited and have an open mind about pretty much everything.

Email: good.vibes.allaroundtheworld @ gmail. com 
Snapchat: woahamazing

Thank you for reading! Hope to talk to someone soon 😆


Hey! My name is Alyssa! 

I’m 18 years old and I’m from Oregon, US.  

I love the idea of a penpal and I want someone who I could be a long term friend with and can send cute letters or packages to.

A little bit about me: I have a twin, I love dogs, I listen to A LOT of jazz, I love Netflix, that’s 70’s show is my fav!, I play a couple instruments, I love musicals, i do theatre, and i like to go hike places

Contact me:

Alyssasmilyface @ yahoo . com

No real age limit but someone kinda close to my age