Bonjour everyone!

My name is Danielle and I am a 20 year struggling college student from Illinois, US!

  • I’m obsessed with the shows Riverdale, Shameless, and Star on Fox. 
  • I love classic Hollywood, music from literally every decade but this one and ghost adventures. 
  • I’m an aspiring actress who’s also obsessed with musicals and can speak a decent amount of French.

I’m interested in an email buddy for right now until I set up a PO Box. I’m travelling to Scotland next spring so it would be pretty cool if I met someone on that side of the Atlantic.

You can reach me at….
Email: cocoamour20 @
Or you can just send me an ask on my blog

P.S. I’m also extremely liberal and won’t tolerate any Trump talk.

Have a great day (:

Waving Awkwardly


Hi, my name is Miranda. Im 25 years old and I’m from Florida. Looking for someone around my age to have a meaningful conversation with and develop a friendship with. 

I like books, movies, tv shows, coffee, and traveling. Im kind of a shy person but once you get me talking I cant stop. I want someone who takes friendships serious and who will be continuous in communication. I love someone who can joke and give me a good laugh but also one who I can have a deep conversation with. 

So send me an email and say Hi!


June 17, 2018

Looking for Friends 18-23 years old


Name: Cake
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Country: Philippines

I play musical instruments (piano, bass, guitar)

I like musical theatre plays (Heathers, Wicked, Little Shop of Horrors, Hamilton, Newsies, Dear Evan Hansen, Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Miss Saigon, etc.)

I do calligraphy (pen and watercolor)

I’m interested in Science (physics, engineering, geology, astronomy)

I read books on self-improvement by Dale Carnegie and John C. Maxwell

I have a tendency to spend insane amount of time on Netflix (The Flash, Arrow, Timeless, Wynonna Earp, Inception, National Treasure, Indiana Jones, etc.)

I like watching seemingly childish cartoons (Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Amazing World of Gumball)

Though I’m mainly attracted to girls, I don’t want to label myself. I don’t like my sexuality to be put in a box. I’m claustrophobic.
I’m awkward and shy but I really want to connect with someone.
If you’re a witty smarty-pants who can carry on an intellectual (and occasional flirty) conversation, do not feed me. I might follow you home.


June 17, 2018


Hi! My name is Meghan (I prefer Meg) and I’m searching for a pen pal that won’t stop writing after a few emails and is interested in snail mail, like me. I’m willing to send letters, drawings, and packages back and forth whether domestically or internationally. I’m from the USA (IL), I’m 18, and about to start my first term of college.
A few things to know about me: I love to write and draw, and I love musicals probably more than I need to. I enjoy Marvel movies, pop culture (Stranger Things, Series of Unfortunate Events), books (I could go on and on!) and a few other things that I can tell you about if you decide to become a penpal!
I have a tumblr @meggiejoe, but I don’t have much posted. The best way to hear from me is by my email,
Don’t be afraid to reach out!

Penpal/friends needed


Hii, I’m looking for a penpall quite a while, didn’t knew it was so hard to find omg.

Let me tell you all about me 

I’m Jennifer, I’m 19 years, born 23 april. Living in The Netherlands. Bisexual. I only speak Dutch and English :c

I’m not a good drawer at all.

I got a depression, compulsive disorder, aniexty, social aniexty and a eating disorder. I got a huge obsession with being thin [I’m sorta overweight now] i obsess over calories and intake a lot. Just wanted to tell I’m pretty sensitive.

I don’t have friends so that’s my main reason I wanna do this. I’m just hoping to find someone kinda like me. 

My interests 

  • Growing my own plants like vegtables and fruit
  • Cute stores, cafes
  • Hand written notes
  • Taking polaroid pictures or a photoshoot
  • Watching creepy true happened things on YouTube
  • Watching conspiracy theories about kid shows
  • Seeing new places
  • Cute cozy room
  • Going to zoos, museums etc
  • Cats, crystals, candles, pugs, nailart, halloween, fall, plants, flowers, animals, cinemas, photography, skateboarding, insects, tattoos, piercings, whales, sea creatures, vynil, japan, taxidermy, nature, anime, hair colouring, lists, bracelets, vintage, antique, grunge, aesthetic, journal, moon, stars, horoscope, nights, ceramic, tea, serial killers, astronomy, sfx makeup, atonomy

My music

  • Arctic monkeys, asking alexandria, borgore, bring me the horizon, d-fence, die antwoord, dj paul elstak, imagine dragons, kraantje pappie, lana del rey, the neighbourhood, nolz, the opposites, our last night, the partysquad, regain, skrillex, suicide boys, yellow claw,

My spotify

Got more questions or wanna be my penpal?

Kik: PlantSeed