Name: Daniela

Age: 23

Gender: female

Languages: Spanish, English

Location: Mexico

Interests & Hobbies: Art, ilustration, history, photography, design, books, culture, animation and conspiration theories.

Likes: GoT, HP, cartoons, nice people, open minded.


racist / sexist / homophobic people, mean people in general.

I speak fluent english but i would like to make it better

Im looking for a friend who can show me about their life and i can show them about mine!! Probably e mail because snail mail in mexico sucks, but we can try if you like! i have never had a pen pal and I want to build a friendship. 18+

You can contact me over tumblr or e mailing me to



I’m Azure (Not my real name, sorry) I’m 18 and I’m biromantic asexual and a trans guy. I really like music of all different kinds. I am 100% in love with kpop (I know, fanboys are rare, right?) and absolutely love singing and performing in musicals. I love travelling and learning languages as well. I am very definitely a nerd (a Slytherin btw). I was sort of inspired to open myself up more by Love, Simon but I’m not looking for romance specifically. I have a fantastic circle of friends, but I’m looking to open up my inner circle. Email me if you want to:

April 27, 2018


Looking for pen pal!


I am currently learning Japanese, and I would really like to practice with someone so I don’t forget it all (like I did with Spanish). If you’re interested please message me!

About me:

I am a female college student. I like art, animation, and video games. I also love food and sweets!



Preferences for Pen Pal:

• Female high school or college student

• Japanese person currently learning English (so we can practice together)


• 女の高校生/女の大学生

• 英語を学んでいますの日本人 (一緒に練習するから)



Thank you!