yeah so imma cut to the chase. hi im trinity, 17, east coast us and i just want new friends. i dance, im lgbt+, performing arts high school student majoring in dance, an avid poetry writer & enthusiast. i love billie eilish, blackbear, bts, and most mainstream artists. i just really want a solid friend who i can talk to. i wanna learn korean and french (hmuuu). im a pretty cool person id like to think. so if u wanna be friends, my tumblrs @tringenesis and my email is trinity.nuttall@gmail.com



Well, first, let me introduce myself to you. I am from China, I am a college student who major in Electronic Commerce. 

I am a kind girl of 19, I think life is colorful, just like the whole world, we are different, so we have some different culture and views to share and exchange. Enjoy life, whatever it good or bad, the most important thing is to keep a positive attitude to face anything. Yep, to be honest, I am nervous and don’t know what to write, so… uhhh, well, hope make friends with you guys. It’s my first time to write something online, omg!

Well, perhaps I will write some different things next time.

My Instagram: yanxia9804
Tumblr: yanxialiu.tumblr.com/
E-mail:1215264733qq @ gmail.com


Hey there! I’m Jess, 21 and currently in my 2nd year at University studying Counselling & Psychotherapy with Creative Writing. I love travelling and just got back from a trip to Thailand 

I’m a bit of a chameleon and like most things/types of music etc. 

My main interests are photography, writing/reading, going to the gym and travelling.

If you’d like to drop me a message to get to know me more than that’d be lovely, I’ll try to respond asap 



My name is Luna and I’m 25 years old. I have been writing letters for the past 2 years and have made some wicked awesome friends. Along the way I lost several as well but, I have been wanting to make more friendships.

What I’m passionate about: Painting and drawing, I love the emotional connection of art and how it makes me feel. The deepness of paint strokes evokes a meditation. As well as poems, I love to write cosmic poems about life and the struggles I’ve been through.

☆☆ Extra:

  • Taking nature walks along the forest
  • Herbalism (Big plus if you can share some ideas)
  • Listening to Celtic music and Classical
  • Photography of planets and changes of the weather
  • Searching up meanings of moon phases+ you know witchey stuff +
  • Handmade dolls and dream catchers
  • I look up a lot of tiny home ideas, earthships and hippie love rules.
  • One day I would love to live in a earth-ship with a community garden all around me and kind souls
  • I garden during the summer and love to write about psychology with human behavior, the reasons we exist

Plus snail-mail ! I love writing about where I live and what I inspire to become. Learning about culture, beliefs, adventures is exciting. I’m hoping to meet more people who are open-minded, love to write a lot and who wouldn’t mind sending me messages before we start sending mail. 🙂 

Pref: Lovely Souls from the U.S.A  if not its fine too

We can send each-other cute drawings, pretty letters,art and pressed flowers.

Please DM me lunadepoems.tumblr.com/
so we can get to know each other


hello! I am a 17 yr old senior in illinois! my friends call me yoyo or anything really, I use nicknames more than my actual name. I want to get into snail mail due to I just don’t really like texting and snapchat and all that bc it just stresses me out.
About me:
I love collecting little things and making artsy stuff
I love cute artsy stuff
I love reading, writing letters, listening to music, watching tv, and a bunch of other junk
I mainly go to school, go to work, go to practice, and do homework and when i’m not doing either of those i’m sleeping :•)

I would prefer someone 16+ and someone who isn’t going to fallout after a couple letters or smthin
hit me up at @nysanova !!!!