Looking for a pen pal


Hi there! I am new to pen pal, I’ve recently discovered my desire to start communicating with a variety of people. My perspective is open.
Here’s a little about myself-

Name: Danika. Female.
Age: 20
Location: Canada
In a relationship.
Second year college student.

Interests/Hobbies: I am really interested in this pen pal thing and would like it to become a hobby of mine. I am obsessed with my cat. I like naps and coffee (weird combo). My zen is watching DIY’s videos (mostly through Facebook). I watch assorted videos on YouTube a lot as well (unsolved cases, YouTuber channels or something like buzzfeed, etc). I am very interested in open discussions (can be anything as long as it is respectable).

I don’t mind if our friendship is short-term or long-term.

Best way of contact is via email at: heart.of.goldd@hotmail.com.


Hi there! 😀

I’m a 24 year old lesbian living in northern Europe. I’m a student who loves reading, watching tv shows, writing, running, food, animals, music, travelling etc. I’m a bit of a dreamer, sensitive but with a hard shell. Quite shy as well
I’m looking for someone I can talk to about anything and everything, so it doesn’t matter if we don’t share the same hobbies. I want to get to know you beyond your hobbies and work/studies. What are you passionate about, what makes you sad, what are your fears, dreams, hopes? Share cute pictures of animals, tell me about that delicious meal you had yesterday, tell me about an article you read, tell me stories from your life, tell me about something that’s been on your mind a lot, tell me about your culture. Perhaps we could even watch tv shows together at some point.

I also want to add that if you’re just looking for someone you can vent to then you can send me an email. I can be your support if you’re going through a rough time.

Here’s my email address (but I’m also open to talk on skype/kik/whatsapp etc): jsloth04@gmail.com

January 23, 2018


My name is Meg. I’m 25 year old New England Native. I’m a city dweller, raised in suburbia. I love traveling. I work remotely and take any opportunity to get on a plane.
I love writing, reading, watersports, movies and 70s music (okay all music, but 70s vibe is strong).
I’m currently going through a bit of an identity crisis and my prefect penpal would have an understanding or previous experience with this type of stress. I’m in a relationship with a man and I have been for four years, but over the last year I have been feeling confused. I’m worried I’ve been suppressing a bigger part of me. More than anything I am looking for a friend.

January 22, 2018


Hey! My name is Hannah, I’m 24 years old, and I live in Pennsylvania, US.

A little about me: I LOVE makeup/shopping!! I’m obsessed with watching makeup tutorials.  I also love Youtube in general.  I love to sing.  I play acoustic guitar, as well as a little bit of ukulele and piano. I love to be crafty and creative.  I live with my incredible girlfriend & 4 bratty cats ;D  I love to laugh – I’m a sucker for puns and memes and I will honestly laugh at just about everything hahaha.  

  • Favorite movies/shows: The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Stranger Things, Orange Is The New Black, Parks & Recreation, any war movie!  (ex. Black Hawk Down, Fury, Hart’s War, etc.), The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Sucker Punch, The Revenant, THE GREATEST SHOWMAN OH MY GODDDD <333 and it could go on haha.
  • Favorite music: Bastille, Miley Cyrus, Queen, Pentatonix, Taylor Swift, Lindsey Stirling, Pierce The Veil, Muse, Birdy, The Used, Panic! At The Disco, P!nk, and a ton of other music! I love finding new music so I would love to share playlists/favorite songs and artists!

Other than that I don’t want to spoil too much – I would rather save for letters.  So please let me know if you’re interested (:

Message me on Tumblr
or e-mail me at hannah21noelle @ yahoo . com


Name: Lexie

: 20


About me: Catch me at the local thrift stores buying all the flannels and vinyls or outside looking at the stars. I’m a conspiracy nut and firm believer in the extraterrestrial. Space is where I belong.

  • TV: Bob’s Burgers, Stranger Things, Grey’s Anatomy
  • Music: Lana Del Rey, Lorde, Fleetwood Mac
  • Movies: Wreck It Ralph, Despicable Me, 10 Things I Hate About You, Empire Records

Proud member of the LGBT and witchy communities. 

I don’t have any preferences really..just don’t be an asshole.

Contact me on Tumblr 

Or by email at
lexie.rhea1028 @ gmail.com

I’m very very interested in snail mail and would love to send cute little letters and cards and trinkets to someone if we vibe right!