Hey, folks! Looking for a pen pal or two – snail mail, social media, or email all work!

About: Tess, 18, OR/CO (USA)

I am a freshman in college studying who-knows-what at a small liberal arts school in Oregon. Hobbies include photography, equestrian stuff, books, partner dancing, the outdoors, etc. I’m hella queer.

To be honest, getting mail makes my day and I would love to doodle on letters and whatnot during lecture. I speak English and limited Spanish, and I’m trying to learn ASL. I promise I don’t bite.

Looking for: Anyone 17-25, any gender or sexuality welcome.

If interested, shoot me a PM at (

Hey there!


Heya, I’m looking for a pen pal! I’m Suzanne, 21 years old and I live in the Netherlands. 

I could tell you a lot about me in here, but I’d rather write to you about it. To get a rough idea of the type of person I am.. 

I like to read and to write, I like to play a little bass but I’m very bad. I am interested in arts, poetry and history and I’m very interested in travelling too. (I only now realise how basic that makes me sound haha, oh well)

I don’t care about location or gender, all I ask is that you’re roughly my age, speak english or dutch and want to snail mail.

You can contact me via tumblr or my e-mail; sazunna @ outlook . com

To give you an idea of what I look like:


Hi! I’m Valencia, 18, queer. I like to read, watch tv shows/kdramas. I listen to all kinds of music. I really love the sky (it’s so pretty). I’m reserved irl but I actually talk a lot online. I’m looking for a friend to either fan girl over fictional characters with or just an open minded person to talk about the world and struggles with.

I know this post is really vague so just send me a message if you wanna know more about the stuff I’m interested in. I know what it’s like to wanna message someone but you feel shy, don’t worry I’m friendly!! I’m doing this because I want friends, no matter if you like the stuff I listed above or not!

Looking for a friend of any gender/sexuality/race/country, preferably from 16-25 but it’s ok if you’re not 🙂

Message me on tumblr: