Hi, I’m Jordan, I’m 18 years old, and I live in Michigan, us! 

I work in an office as a receptionist and find myself browsing the internet too much, so I’m looking for an email pen palIt’s not strictly email, but I would prefer it as I’ll be readily available to read and have quicker response times!

I would like to talk to someone who speaks German, as I’m going to minor in it at college. I hope I can find someone that, that once I complete my schooling, would allow me to come visit if we stay friends! 

I’m looking for someone to send thoughtful emails to, maybe even exchange writings if you’re into that! I like typing and I type the way I speak, so if you like long emails, I’m your gal 

My interests are: 

  • Poetry
  • Music (preferably Old Rock or Alternative Music) 
  • Photography 
  • BEES 
  • Tarot Cards
  • Theories (yes, that include Conspiracies) 
  • The inevitability of death and how we all react to it
  • Movies (usually I’m watching Studio Ghibli movies or Americas Next Top Model reruns)

I have no interest in talking to you if you’re: 

  • racist
  • sexist
  • homophobic
  • someone who puts pineapples on pizza

My instagram is : sirens.of.titan 
And my email is: redgoose93 @ gmail .com

Penpals :-)


Name: Alyssa

: 17

: Oregon, USA

Likes: Writing, Video Games, Christmas, Holidays, Nursing, ASL, Chocolate, Trying new things, band, music, theater, sleeping, traveling, adventures, camping, Memes, Photography, Joji, Netflix, Dogs, animals

Dislikes: Negative people, Mushrooms, Onions, Any form of discrimination 🙂

I’m currently a junior in high school who is interested in going to college to be an ER nurse or a teacher. I love keeping myself busy with things so I don’t have to stay home. I’ve been trying to penpal before so hopefully it works this time.

Pen pal info: I’m looking for any one who is willing to snail mail. I will try and send cute little envelopes. We can also send packages from time to time. You can be from any country. You can be a girl or a boy. My only main preference is you can’t be older than 21.

Contact Me: My email address is alyssasmilyface @ yahoo .com
Feel free to contact me 🙂



Nice to meet you

I’m Aurélie from France.

So, about me, I’m 22 years old, and I live in a little city for my studies which names “Chalons en Champagne”, but i’m don’t born here, but in Troyes. So, I live alone, but I return at home when I can. 🙂

Then, I like a lot of things
, listening to music, watching series (Riverdale for the moment but I have a lot a lot of late, but I’m on holidays and I’m going to pass my time to look Riverdale aha). I’ve finished Orange is the New black, and I hesitate to begin Narcos or not. I like learning new things, new cultures about different countries.

Here, I’m searching penpals for snail mail or just to speak by mail,
I really need to improve my english, or my spanish too. I can learning French if you want, there are no problems. 

Don’t hesitate to contact me here : aurelie.gertsch10 @ gmail. com
(without space, of course) 

I wish you a good day, Aurélie 🙂


Hey y’all, I’m Kathleen, you can call me Kat! I’m looking for an online best friend, someone I can text everything to 24 hours a day. Someone I can trust and laugh with! I’m 19 years old, 20 in May! Some things about me are:

•someone who is 18-25

•I am going into nursing school for labor and delivery.

•I’m obsessed with Disney, I worked there shortly.

•I’m from Tennessee. GO VOLS

•I love to hike

•I have two dogs!! So you could say I’m totally a dog person, but can love cats too with allergy medicine.

•my only friend is my boyfriend, and people I meet at the dog park.

•I am a true fan of Harry Potter.

•my favorite music is literally anything, country is fun.

•just message me if you want to be friends on tumblr or email

Texting is what I really would like to do with some occasional letters! I didn’t tell much about me because it’ll be better to get to know each other rather than you already knowing! ?


Hey, I’m Becca! A little about me: I’m 20 years old, born and raised in Alabama but definitely not a county girl, I attended college for 2 years for Psychology but I dropped out and I’m currently trying to figure my life out. ? I love ALL different kinds of things! I have 2 perfect pit bulls that mean the world to me! (Pits are my favorite dogs) Random fun facts about me real quick:

– My favorite color is purple

– I’m bisexual!

-VERY 420 friendly ?

-5 tattoos ?

– Traveling the world is my dream

– My boyfriend Andrew and his daughter means the world to me! ?

– I don’t read much but Ellen Hopkins is my favorite

My ideal pen-pal: 19-26, female, wants to send care packages and your favorite random stuff, snail mail, 420 friendly, wants my friendship, and replies quickly!

So if I sound like someone you would like to get to know then send me a message!

Instagram: becca_mercer97