Hello I’m Michaela

I’m an 18 year old girl from Long Island NY looking for a super awesome sweet pen pal ( male or female either or ! Preferably 17-20 but if you fall outa that and wanna be pen pals anyways don’t be shy ?)
• Im an artsy kinda person, so I’m super into Art and I love music, Christmas, plants and books, the color yellow. I’m a vegetarian, I love animals .

• I’m a very kind and gentle soul and love deeply , an old soul with a playfully youthful spirit. Im a literary book nerd and absolutely adore Harry Potter , Disney , Star Wars , Sherlock, doctor who ,supernatural and other fandoms ! I like tea, French fries and Chinese food and am JUST becoming a coffee drinker

•I love calligraphy and bullet journaling but am still learning and have just got accepted to my top University for next year with a Psychology major and hopefully an art therapy minor.

• I’m looking for someone to maybe send some cute drawings back and forth, some written letters all cute a decorative , maybe cool stamps and post cards and other small cute stuff through snailmail bc I love to write and send things !!! Or even become friends through text message eventually, or even just become internet buddies if the whole mailing thing doesn’t work out! ( bc I know international stamps can be a tad expensive?❤️) anything works for me !
Feel free to message me and see if we hit it off to become buddies ❤️?

Tumblr – @mickeymusic99
Insta – @gemini_sky_


Hey! I’m Jacqueline, 19, from Germany! I’m a huge introverted nerd who loves sports, books and music. I play piano and guitar.
I’m looking for a pen pal because I barely have friends here which is because I often Have to move?
Hmu if you want to talk because I’m a really good listener :3

Tumblr: @t0m0rr0w-n3v3r-di3s
IG: jcr_1307
SC: jaclovespink

November 29, 2017


Hello im Kendra. Im 24 year old lesbian from the USA. Im looking for a pen pal preferably a lesbian ages 21-29. I would like one from outside my country but im open to anyone. I would tell you about myself but i kinda think thats what having a pen pal is all about. So if your intrested contact me here or

November 28, 2017

Feel free to chat with me!


Hello there! My name is Ida, and i’m an 18 year old girl from Norway.

I’m a free spirited girl with raging imagination. I have a collection of notebooks filled with dreams, nightmares, poetry/riddles, polaroid pictures and a lot of stories i fantasize about on my walks. I love going outside, to abandoned places, the deep forest, the sea, cinema and cafés! I love everything vintage or funny looking stuff, I collect all kinds of things, I also love everything aesthetically pleasing!

I am a bit messy and disoriented, but I know where my heart lies. I love to capture moments that fascinates me. Everything from the yellow trees against the blue sky or describe how the sea draws me to it. Sometimes though, I don’t capture those moments, almost like a secret only I know of. But I also like a chill day relaxing and reflecting over everything.

I love to listen to music. But don’t ask about genres! My playlist is a mess! (And I love it!) I love all kinds of movies, the ones that fill me with happiness, tears, laughter or the spooks! 

Since i’m not a quiet person, and definitely not an introvert, I would love to talk to someone with a free-mind and open heart as well. But I honestly would love to speak to everyone, despite how different we are. 

Email and letters are both ok. Since I love to draw, write and make homemade gifts, each letter will contain something.

E-mail: kristiansen.ida @ yahoo .com

Feel free to write! <3


Hi, I’m Jessica! I’m 25 and living in Richmond, Virginia (US)

I would love a few snail mail pen pals who are about my age. I’m open to US or international pen pals.

Right now I’m working at a nonprofit, but I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up! I live with my boyfriend and our beautiful cat, Ophelia.

My favorite topic is personal growth. I love to read, listen to podcasts, experiment with ideas, and try to be the best person I can be. I just started tracking my goals in my bullet journal. If you are interested in bujos or self-improvement, let’s be friends! We could keep each other accountable to our goals. 🙂

My favorite hobbies are:

  • Reading – I will read anything, fiction or nonfiction! I most enjoy books about social sciences, paranormal, and history.
  • Bullet journaling – it’s my planner and creative outlet.
  • Watching Netflix – lately I’ve enjoyed Stranger Things, Mindhunter, and Boardwalk Empire.
  • Hiking & going for drives – I love exploring Virginia with my boyfriend!

I try to respond to letters within 2 weeks, but sometimes life gets hectic and it takes a little longer as I struggle with depression & anxiety. Every now and then I like to send pictures or other goodies too. 

If you’re interested in being pen pals, please message me on tumblr or email me: or walkerjr5 @ vcu . edu

 Can’t wait to hear from you! <3