Hi! My name is Marie, I am 17 and I live in France ; 

I am looking for snail mail or email penpals (from any country or gender, any age is okay but older than 15 if possible)

about me

  • I have been homeschooled since the beginning of September 2017 (I am in “Terminale L” here which is like 12th grade/Senior year)
  • I love drawing and reading, I love bouldering/indoor climbing and I also take theatre classes 
  • My biggest dream is to be an actress but I’d also like to study Psychology so I don’t know what I’m doing next year yet 
  • I am obsessed with musicals (I love Heathers, Dear Evan Hansen, Les Misérables, Wicked, Falsettos, Hamilton, Legally Blonde, Bring it On and many more) 
  • I also loooove Disney movies and Harry Potter ♡

If you’re interested and would like to get to know me, you can send me an email at 
marie.letouche @ hotmail. com
or talk to me on twitter at @mariekalimu 

Thank you for reading this and I hope to talk to you soon! ♡


hey hey, i’m emily, i’m 18 and from melbourne, australia!

i’ve done pen pal-ing before but was in high school then and had zerooo time, so i want to try it again!

  • anywayssss so i’m in my first year at university and i’m studying criminology, so i’m super into fictional and true crime/legal tv shows (svu, ncis, suits, 48 hours, true crime documentaries etc.) and movies as well as true crime books.
  • i also love travel (although never do enough), eurovision (a big bonus if you’re a fan, too), listening to music (i’m a fan of most styles, but i can’t sing or play anything to save myself), camping, summer, clubbing, shopping, sleeping and photography.

i would prefer to email first but would be willing to do snail mail once i trust you’re not secretly a 50 year old man (i’ve seen too many crime shows, clearly)

i’d prefer anyone 16 years old or over, but am open to any nationalities (would love someone from europe or the amercias, though!), genders, sexualities etc.

i only speak english and a bit of german, but can understand broken english pretty well!

feel free to email me at: 1998emilyp @ gmail . com

hope to hear from some lovely people soon!



Hello! I’m Charl. 27 from England.’

I’m looking for some snail mail penpals.

I’m a mum to 1.5 and I’m also a pet liver. We have 2 gerbils and a cat who has recently given birth to 6 kittens.

  • My major loves are Reading, Music, crafting, makeup and interiors.
  • I’d love to have someone to trade book recommendations with, I’m always on the lookout for new books to read. I usually read YA books or classics. I’m currently reading Stolen by Lucy Christopher. If you love books as much as I do (the bookshelves are full to bursting) then please message me!
  • I love music of all kinds, my favourite artists are Athlete, Coldplay, The Doves, Vance Joy and Kings of Leon. I also like some Kpop (Boa, Jolin Tsai, Mamaroo and KARD) and of course some chart music too.

I’m looking for female penpals around my age

If you’re interested and would like to find out more about me you can email me:
charlannnicholls @ gmail .com

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully making some new international friends 🙂


Hay, dudes what’s up? I’m Sam, (female), I’m 20, and I’m from the UK

Hobbies include: Baking, writing, watching people dance (because let’s be real, if I tried to dance I’d look like an octopus with a rocket shoved up it’s ass on a skating rink), art, magic, ventriloquism, archery (I can’t do any of these last 3, but I find them massively interesting), language learning, self teaching, collecting vintage/retro things, DIY, graffiti, collecting mugs, collecting hats, collecting stamps

In case you’re interested, I’m INTP and my zodiac is Cancer

Things I love: 

  • Memes, fandom references, architecture, space, tea, animals, babies, 1900’s clothes, 1900’s music, dinosaurs, concerts, crappy food, my family, my friends, myself, the rain, ice cream shakes, 1950’s burger bars, jukeboxes, vinyl records, polaroid cameras, nachos (the food, not the TV show – I haven’t seen it:/), nostalgia, dirty jokes, Attila, accents
  • I love accents!
  • Libraries, museums, public gardens, musicians, writers, artists, happy, positive people, piercings, tattoos, and cool coloured hair

Things I’m looking for in a pen pal: I’m not, sorry, I’d actually like an internet friend, I assure you that if we become good friends we can write to each other, but at the minute let’s just say my theme tune is “I Need A Dollar – Aleo Blacc

I look forward to hearing from you

Contact information:
Email: samanthavictoria @ email . com

PS. If you want to see what I look like, my Tumblr icon is me