Hi I’m Reed, I’m 21 and live in the UK 🙂 After dropping out of college a few years ago, I’m picking up my Spanish studies again now and would like a Spanish speaker (not necessarily a native speaker, but fluent!) to help me! If you’re learning English I can do my best to help you in return! 

It’s difficult knowing where to start picking up a language again when you’re not exactly a beginner but also need a lot of practise, so any help would be much appreciated!

If you’re interested, my email is reedembrey2@gmail.com




I am Jason, 21 and from eastern Ohio in the U.S.

A lot of things interest me but to name a few things I’m into I would say big ones are music definitely, mostly alternative rock to be exact, also nature, animals, certain video games (I play on PS4.), hiking/going for walks in my neighborhood, playing my guitars, taking care of my German Shepherd puppy Roxie, also just simply making new friends and meeting new people, and other things you may ask me about if you like. ^_^ 

I am not very picky but my perfect penpal would be someone friendly, open-minded, and willing to make a long-lasting friendship. Ages preferably 18-24.

You can contact me via my Tumblr which is jasonmc16.tumblr.com. Or my email which is mcjason17@gmail.com.

Last thing I’d like to mention is if you do contact me please include a picture if you can. (Not because I really care about what you look like, I just think it’s nicer to be able to put a face with a name. Thanks!)


Hi everyone !

My name’s Marine and I’m living in France ! I’m looking for a penpal to practice my English. (and by the way, if you want any help in French, I could see what I can do to help you)

Where do I begin ? I’m 21 Y.O, Art student (in 3D animation). I’m Hufflepuff, and as you can read, Potterhead.

I love movies (try to get my situation right about this. There is a lot of « famous » movies I didn’t see.), TV shows, Music (Rock, Pop rock, pretty much everything a little bit catchy.), … I used to love reading but I don’t really have a lot of time (and I will be really happy if you love that and recommend me some good readings.) and most of the time I’m reading about the world I want to get in. (Animation, movies, …). I’m a horserider (I was. Still have my horse, but I moved on for my studies and I stopped riding.), so if you love animals, it’s always a good point. I love talking about cultures, and sometimes politics (even if it’s not my hobby horse.)

I love playing video games, so if you want to play some of them in multiplayer, it’s cool ! I love role playing too, even if i’m still a novice in it !

Oh ! And I’m cosplaying !

I’m looking for a penpal in any country. Must be around my age, with a great sense of humor. And of course, not afraid of all the kind of mistakes I can do in English. I’m okay to send letters, but it can be great if we can discuss regularly (skype, discord, sounds like a great idea to me.). I’m open-minded to anyone (feel free if you’re a queer, no-binary, gender-fluid, gay, lesbian… I accept everyone as soon as they are friendly).

So ! If you want to contact me, you can on my tumblr : marincsunivers.tumblr.com

or by e-mail : ducc.marinc@hotmail.fr

Have a nice day



Internet pals wanted!

Hello everyone! My name’s Monika and I’m a 18-year-old girl from a little little country called Lithuania. I’m a high school student as the majority of you all (probably :))

I’m a brand new K-pop fan (I mean I’m not obsessed but I enjoy listening to Blackpink, 2ne1, 4minute, BTS, Seventeen, K.A.R.D.!). I’m in love with singing, watching some movies (my favorite ones would be Memoirs of Geisha, 12 Years A Slave etc.). Also, I enjoy traveling when I can, I’d like to learn languages such as Korean, Russian (I know a little bit of it), volunteer with EVS and many more things.

I’m looking for an Internet friend at the moment. In general, I don’t mind any nationality and it would be great to chat with anyone from 15 to 22/23, but I’d like to find some friends from East Asia as long as I’ve got interested in those cultures recently too :))

You can contact me:
Email – monikos.gineikaites@gmail.com
Instagram – @monikajeez
Tumblr – tomorrowisyours.tumblr.com/

See you (hopefully)! 🙂


Hellooo!☺️ I’m Daniella, i’m 18, I live in the US and I’m bisexual? I’m looking for just friends or more than that?. I’m really sarcastic so don’t take everything so serious! I love to read and watch Netflix? I speak English (of course duh) and Spanish☺️we can talk about anything you want so don’t just say “hey"?
Tumblr: depressantworld
Snapchat: daniela-x10