I’m Jaylene, 20 and from USA. I’m studying TV production and love movies. I like singing and some of my favorite artists are Young the Giant, Cage the Elephant, Leon Bridges, Phox, Devendra Banhart and I’m blanking on the rest. I like indie, alternative, psychedelic, and basically anything with a good beat. I have two cats. Some of my favorite shows include Broad City, AHS, Jane the Virgin, Sense8, Black Mirror Fave movies are Amelie, Scott Pilgrim vs the world, eternal sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Beetlejuice, hunt for the wilderpeople. I’d love to meet people from around the world, so if I sound semi-interesting hmu



Hi! I’m Bree, I’m 19 years old (almost 20) I live in good ol’ Kentucky, USA.
Some of my favorite TV shows are
Switched at Birth
Dance Moms
I also love coffee, and tea.
I love to write about everything.
I have brown hair and green eyes.
I like crafts, and reading.
I have two dogs and 1 cat.
I have two tattoos and 4 piercings.
Looking for female Penpals aged 19-24

My tumblr is
My email is
If interested, just let me know! 🙂


Hi there! I’m Carol, a now completely lost in my own mind 17 year-old. Well, I’m basically a constantly tense and anxious person who loves thinking and learning and, contradictorily, is afraid of lots of stuff. Now, I’ve been looking forward to knowing people who really understand me, as during my whole life I’ve been feeling really lonely. Let’s be friends!


Hi Everyone!  My name is Savannah and I just turned 20. I am from the middle of no where in New Jersey, USA but I share a dual citizenship with Switzerland! Right now I am studying English Literature at university and I love to read and write poetry. 

  • Some of my favorite hobbies include: genealogy, pen palling, hiking, traveling, and history. 
  • Some random facts about me:
    • If I had a super power it would definitely be time travel. 
    • If I didn’t have to be a real person I would want to live with the circus. 
    • When I was 17 I moved to New York City and lived there for two years dancing in a ballet company. 
  • Likes include:British humor, tea, renaissance faires (though I’ve only been to one), journalling, nature, Keaton Henson, feminism. 

I currently have one pen pal from the UK and I would love to have more!! 

If you are interested, you can email me at savtills @ gmail .com 

Ultimately I am looking to send snail mail and little trinkets but I’d prefer to get to know each other over email first. 


Hi, my name is Haley. (Al for short)

I’m looking for someone to write with similar interests! I’m 19, almost 20. I live in the US. I’m super short (5’1) I have green eyes and freckles. I have short black hair. My medusa is pierced and I have 9 tattoos.

I love rainy days, sweaters, coffee/warm tea, soft things, scary stories, ghosts, bats, and books. I am super sensitive and understanding. I have a black cat named Poe, a boyfriend named Ty, and 2 year old named Jenna. I love the shows Penny Dreadful and Shameless at the moment and have been reading Forever Words, a book that has Johnny Cash poems.

Must be: Female, anywhere in the world, and any age honestly.

My email is:
Tumblr is:

Thanks for reading!