Pen Pal


Gender: Female
Language(s): English and a bit of french
Location: Canada
Interests & hobbies: Cooking, Drawing, Reading, Writing, Singing, Watching YouTube and Netflix
Likes: Makeup, Hair, Nails, Spotify
Dislikes: Rude people, People who are full of themselves
What I wish for in a pen pal: I have quite a few pen pals that live in the USA so i’m mostly looking for people in other countries. If you live in the USA i’m still interested. Any age is welcome
How to contact me: Tumblr- Geekyspaceprincess07



Hi, I’m Kelsey, Im 17 (18 in august) and Im from Alabama USA, which is the worst place to live in my opinion lol I would like to get to know someone a little before we exchange addresses because i wanna know what to send you

Im looking for an art exchange (im trying to get better) package pals, and snail mail pals. 

I want to exchange things like:

  • diy goodies
  • music rec lists, book rec lists, etc
  • teas that we like. (note: it may or may not be a requirement to like tea bc i really want someone to send tea to.)
  • stickers (especially with glitter!!)
  • crystals (Im way into crystal healing. I’m not Buddhist but im really interested in the religion.

I would like to get to know someone a little before we exchange addresses because I want to know what to send you. 

Likes: Bobs burgers, Black Butler (which im totally obsessed with right now i bought over $100 of merch last weekend) Harry Potter, outdoors, adventures, TEA, drawing (especially if you tell me your likes bc i like to draw for others more than myself.) lists, Twenty One Pilots, tiny buttons like pins, candy, Polaroids or pics in general, pokemon. I LOVE to make things and there is rarely a time where i DONT say “i can make that”. Also animals are my weakspot; cats, dogs, frogs, snakes, spiders, rabbits, cows, pigs, I LOVE ALL OF THEM!

Dislikes: sexism (feminism is my life soo), racism, hot weather (i like being outside when its cold), rapists. 

I tried to fit everything I like in here but if you have questions email me  toddkelsey92 @ gmail .com 

Random fact: im going to college in the fall and studing to be a medical examiner (to do autopsies)

(Im ALWAYS looking for penpals so dont be afraid!)


Hey, I’m Kay!

WELL. I’m 23 years aged, live in the USA (New Jersey, if you want specifics), and looking for a pen pal.

I like so many things, and I’m horrible at summaries, but, uh. I like sports, musicals, reading books, and binge watching TV. I also like travel and kayaking, learning about things I don’t know about, and cooking.

I’m looking for a pen pal who wants to write me. Tell me about your day/week/month. Gossip about your neighbors. Write me about a song you’re obsessed with, or a painting you love. Good things, bad things. Shit that you don’t wanna say outloud. Snail mail’d be nice, but I’m open to email, or any other suggestions.

Okay, cool.

tumblr: kay-queue


What’s up! I’m Christian, a 24 year old soon-to-be dental student from Florida, US. I will be moving to New York in a couple of months to start dental school.

I’m looking for someone who wants to be snail mail pen pals. 

I love to read, watch funny Youtube videos (I’ve even made some of my own and want to get back into making videos), as well as drawing and knitting. I’m a big anime and manga fan and have been almost all my life. 

  • Favorite books: The Dark Tower series, the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter
  • Favorite movies: ^ see the last two above as well as anything Miyazaki related, Pixar movies, and martial arts films. 

I’m looking for someone to who wants to be snail mail pen pals and maybe send each other small packages from time to time. 

Fun facts:
1) I was terrified of the chupacabra when I was a kid.
2) I have never seen snow. I hope that changes later this year!

If you’re interested, send me a message at


Hey! I love meeting people so feel free to message or follow me at!

I just came out this year after turning 20 and it’s been a bit of a wild ride that has included drag shows, blog posts, and late night Taco Bell. I’m know as the “mom” friend so I’m always up for chatting about life and feelings if you just need someone to listen. 🙂