I’m jess, 24 from Minnesota, but I currently live in Washington state. I enjoy hiking, ballet, drawing, gardening, tea, reading, leauge of ledgens and listening to podcasts.
I’m looking for a penpal that currently lives in Ireland as I’ll be visiting next summer so I’d like some advise on where to go and what to see etc
But I’ll go for any pen pal because I love snail mail! My insta is jessnrasberry message me there if you’d like to write



Hey there! Before I start selling my life to you in order to get a letter, I’d just like to say that I’m not very good at knowing what to write in the little ‘write something about yourself’ boxes on websites. So I’m just going to write random crap that may or may not appeal to you 🙂

So, my name is Jasmine (more commonly known as Jaz) and I am 15 years old, to be 16 in December. I am from Spain, yes before you ask I do speak fluent Spanish, but I’m more involved with English, since I am British. 

My hobbies include: ranting about almost anything, eating (vegetarian food obviously pfftt), sleeping – God if there was a competition on who could sleep the longest, I wouldn’t know, because I’d still be sleeping. I guess you could say I have a few little joys in my life, cheesy, shitty jokes consume me, jogging- nah let’s be real I don’t jog, RnB music, superhero movies (Marvel, Marvel and…Marvel), freshly made popcorn and my brother singing in the shower. 🙂

Reading and writing are a most definite passion of mine, although writing is a bit difficult considering the perfectionism trait I possess. Reading however I could go on about but I’m not going to, as I would fill the entire space I have been given on this site.

So yes, c’est moi. 

P.s, if you are one of those pedophiles that owe their lives to looking up young girls and travelling God knows how many miles to find them, I beg you, please try not to. 

my email is jazzlesmahtani@gmail.com

but I prefer snail mail 🙂


Jasmine xx



My name is Davina, I’m 17. I’m from Pennsylvania, United States.

  • I’m really open. 
  • I enjoy most things and people. 
  • It would be really wise to message me if you want someone to talk to all the time! 
  • Anyone is welcome, because I can probably relate to you in some fashion.

MUSIC, MOVIES, ADVENTURES are my favorite things.

So if you are interested let me know!

for my email/number/just chat on this

23, USA, Looking for new great friends for Snail Mail! :D



My name is Miranda.
I’m 23 years old.
I’m from Massachusetts, US.

A little about Me: I’m a Stay at Home mom of a very active, very friendly 2 year old. Because of that, I don’t have too many friends my age and would love to just communicate to people my age who share some interests. 

My interests: I love talking with people, making lists of all the awesome activities I would do if I had more friends, doing arts and crafts, crocheting, finding new shows to watch, making food especially trying out new recipes. I use to love reading before my babby and I miss it dearly. if I had more time and focus to read I would most likely be reading a Sci-Fi, a sappy Romance, or a Murder Mystery. I also really like writing and doodling and getting some crappy stuff is one of the many perks of being my penpal! I love watching TV shows and I think if someone saw my Netflix account history, they’d probably know me better than I do. If you like watching TV shows and talking about them for hours and hours and wouldn’t mind video chatting while watching TV shows, I’m also your girl. I also LOVE painting and would totally be down to send paintings to a penpal. So would my daughter, she’s very artistic.

  • TV Shows I’m currently watching on Netflix: All of Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Friends, Lost Girl, That 70’s Show, Glee and Fate Stay Night
  • TV Shows that I’ve finished but could watch over and over again: Supernatural, Bones, HIMYM, New Girl, FMA Brotherhood, OITNB, SKINS Uk, probably lots more but ain’t nobody got time for that.

I don’t really have any age or gender restrictions because having common interests and the ability to express them has more meaning to me, although I’m really hoping to find some other woman with children to talk to. 

MY EMAIL IS: mirandabrkr2 @ Yahoo . com
OR MY TUMBLRstormageddon-0u0.tumblr.com/

Nicole, 21, England


Hi! I’m Nicole, I’m 21 and live in Nottingham in (Not so) Sunny Old England 🙂

I write for a magazine, not as glamorous as one might think but I’m very lucky! It’s mostly general editorial, Fashion features etc though I write horror fiction in my spare time.
I’m a HUGE film freak, anyone who’s into films, books and music is sure to get along with me; I also watch…pretty much every TV Show under the sun, so I hope you don’t mind some nonsensical rambling on the subject 😉

Likes: Stephen King, Parks & Rec, Mexican Food, Star Wars, Spiced Rum, Harry Potter, Prince, X Files, Foo Fighters, American Beauty, Disney, Queens of the Stoneage, The Beatles…I could go on but I won’t.

Dislikes: Sports, majority of modern pop music and Intolerance (Seriously, I will not put up with any racist comments, homophobia or intolerance of any kind). 

I guess all I’m looking for is like minded people to talk to, gotta say up front, I am NOT looking for a hookup; I have no interest in flirting or the oh so horrifying D*ck Pic. That being said, I have no problem with guys contacting me, so long as you know it won’t be anything but friendly. Fine with just emailing, though would like to work up to sending letters, trading trinkets/treats; I would love to get to know you and your culture, no matter where you’re from! I’d rather not speak to anyone under 18, I’m sure you’re all lovely but I’d feel more comfortable with those 18+!

Anyway, you can contact me through my Tumblr http://categoricallycole.tumblr.com/ , or email me at nicole-rowe@hotmail.co.uk 🙂