Hey! I’m 19 and live on a small island called isle of Wight at the bottom of England 🙂 it gets really boring here especially in winter so finding people to talk to would be awesome

I love many things including camping which I do regularly, hiking and the outdoors. I also love books and videogames such as grand theft auto and red dead redemption. I spend a lot of time on Netflix haha so I am a fan of movies and t. v. my favourite movies are disney, marvel and harry potter. Tv shows I’d say I enjoy the most including pretty little liars, how I met your mother, Friends, orange is the new black and brooklyn nine nine. I love dogs and would like to have loads in the future haha. I am interested in travelling so would like to speak to people from anywhere in the world, always great to add new places to my travelling list!

My tumblr is-


Name: Marta

Age: 19

Location: Italy

Languages I speak: Italian (native), English, French, Spanish (un poquito) 

Tumblr: svnriise

Things I like: I’m studying fashion at uni. Of course I’m interested in fashion, but especially from a historical point of view. I also really like art and photography, collecting stamps, drawing and painting and playing tennis every now and then. If I had more time, I’d like to read and write more. If I had more money, I’d like to travel more, because I really like visiting new places. I don’t watch a lot of tv, but I really like Sherlock and Pretty Little Liars. 

What I would like in a Tumblr Buddy (age, location, language, gender)I’d like to write to people who can speak fluently the foreign languages that I know, but if there are people from Italy, or people who are learning Italian who would like to write me is totally fine. I’d prefer people around my age (17-23) and from around the world who share similar interests, who would like to exchange letters/art/pictures/ postcards of our holidays and of course become friends.

Preferred method of contact: (Snail mail, email, Tumblr): Don’t hesitate to write me, on tumblr first and then we’ll move on to letters.


Name: Chiara
Age: 18 (19 in a week)
Gender: female
Languages: Italian (native speaker), English (fluent), French, sarcasm
Location: Italy
Interests & hobbies: music, writing, reading, tv shows, editing videos, art and culture
Likes: books, fics, British accent, musicals, food, videogames, Marvel, otps, tattoos, memes, puns, movies, bad jokes, Les Mis, studying, U.K.

  • music: Twenty One Pilots, Halsey, One Direction, Keaton Henson, The 1975, Imagine Dragons, Lady Gaga, Zayn, Troye Sivan, Melanie Martinez, Ed Sheeran, etc.
  • tv showsIn The FleshMr. RobotBreaking Bad, Queer As Folk US, Orphan Black, Please Like Me, Sense8, Penny Dreadful, The 100, Teen Wolf, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Agent Carter, Gotham, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Game Of Thrones, etc.
  • books: The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, Fangirl, The Humans, Struck By Lightning, Harry Potter, The Land Of Stories, Stephen King’s, The Hobbit

Dislikes: Italians, ignorance, politicians, prejudices, fangirls of real murderers.
What I wish for in a pen pal: E-mail/instant messaging buddie. Any gender, orientation and location is cool with me. I’m kind of specifically looking for a British pen pal that could help me improve my English, since I’ll move to Scotland in 2017. Preferably someone around my age (+18). If we have any interest in common, you’re already my bff.
How to contact me: Send a message on my Tumblr ( ) first, then we’ll see from there.