Looking for a snail mail pal! My name is Anne Lot, I live in Holland and I am 19 years old! I’m looking for some one to exchange letters through the post with, preferably ages 17-25 but I’m open to anyone 🙂 I wanna talk about anything and everything! Existential things, school, things that made you happy that day, little things, pets, poems, anything! I really love art, sketches and doodles, but I’m not very creative myself. (I CAN’T DRAW BUT I’LL TRY!!) I’ve never had a pen pal before, so I am super excited about this.

I speak English and Dutch, and also a liiiiiittle bit German and French. 

For the dutchies: Ik vind een Nederlandse pen pal ook supertof!

About me:

I love blogging on tumblr. I’m really into art, small (dutch) poems, music, watching shows/films and a lot more. I guess you could say I’m a mix of both worlds. I just love sitting at home in my blanket with a cup of tea, while watching my favourite shows. But I also LOVE going out with my friends and coming home after 5:00AM. Bit weird, heh?

I really love movies, including The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Palo Alto, Stuck In Love, Midnight In Paris, Adult World, The Spectacular Now and a bunch more!

I also really love music, but I can’t sing or play myself. I basically like everything, from rap to rock, from pop to indie. Some artists I love are Flume, The Arctic Monkeys, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, most Dutch New Wave rappers, James Bay, Tame Impala, Oscar and The Wolf and soon many more.

My favourite painters are Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet. I’m in love with (post-)impressionism!

I love traveling, I’ve been to 17 countries (all in Europe) such as France, Sweden, Italy, Austria, Switserland, Kroatia and a lot more. If I’m lucky, I will be visiting the US very soon as well.

I really like plants, pets, birds and cute things. I’m also a coffee addict. I have a dog and she is literally my whole world.

If we share interests, cool! If not thats cool too! Just message me at dromerig.tumblr.com

My instagram is annelotg 🙂


Name: Rebekah

Age: 18


About me: Hello everyone! I am looking to find more penpals that I can write to on a frequent basis. I think that writing to someone is very interesting. I would like to exchange longer letters this year. I do like to put effort into my letters, and make them as creative as I can. I know not everyone is the same, and that’s ok. I really want to find someone who likes to write to me about anything, whether it be their day-to-day life, experiences, current events, or memories. I just want to put more thought into my letters as it does take time/money to make them. 

I would prefer to write to someone who is at least 18, in the USA.

Likes: Coffee, horror films, nonfiction books, painting, photography, traveling, politics, religion, sciences, cooking, Netflix, crafts, stand-up comedy, concerts, documentaries, Forensic Files

(I know my likes seem vague, but it would take forever to be more specific :p)

Dislikes: Math, judgmental people,  negativity

Language: English (some Spanish)

You can message me on my Tumblr:
moodyday556 @ gmail .com


Hi! My name is Jessica. I’m 21 from Virginia, USA. Looking for someone to write snail mail to.

My interests include film, television, and books. I watch a lot of different things on Netflix, but I gravitate towards crime drama. My favorite tv show of all time is Sherlock. I love Sherlock Holmes, so it is a big interest of mine. I read a little of everything and right now, I’m currently reading Yes Please by Amy Pohler. I’m a feminist, so be prepared for that. I also listen to music from Ed Sheeran to Bruce Springsteen to FKA Twigs.

I’ll talk to anyone, but ideally someone over 18. Male or female, doesn’t matter. I’m happy to talk to anyone! We can email to begin with if you’d like.

Tumblr: alwayslillith.tumblr.com

Email: firelily64@yahoo.com


I’m Pj (or Bee)
I’m an Australian, Non Binary celestial being of 17.

I like, anime, manga, makeup, cosplay, hair colours and other beauty related things, horror movies, lets players, ghosts and robots.

I don’t have many dislikes, if I dislike it I will tell you.

I like all sorts of music but I tend to swing more towards k-pop, steam powered giraffe and poppy kind of music.

I love horror movies like nightmare on elm street and saw. But I’ll watch most movies if convicted well.

If you’re interested in the small Australian send me an ask through my blog, cosplay-bee


My name’s Sam, I’m from Philadelphia. I love music, reading, sports and movies. I am taking a break from college and going to school part time now while I look for a full time job and work my part time job at Starbucks, but eventually I really want to work in music management. I love getting tattoos and dancing around to loud music! I want to travel all over the world and experience all kinds of new things. I have a boyfriend, and a few close friends who I love. I’m not really sure what else to say about myself, haha but I’ve never had a pen pal so I’m excited! Email me if you want to talk sometime!
Nolanst4@gmail 🙂