Name: Meredith but most people call me Mere

Age: About to turn 22

Location: Canada

Diagnosis: Severe Depression, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Type 2, Dependent Personality Disorder, 2 Alternate Personalities and I’ve struggled with various eating disorders in the past.

Interests/Hobbies: Reading, painting, baking, tattoos, piercings, total makeup junkie, Disney nut

Music: Florence and the Machine (fav), Pretty Reckless, Meatloaf, Fun., City and Colour, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Classified, Hedley, I like a huge mix 🙂

TV Shows/Movies: Basically cop/crime shows (cops, criminal minds, law and order but only svu) and anything on the food network

What you are looking for in a penpal? Someone who understands mental illness or is at least willing to be open and listen. Ill be here when you need support if you can be here for me too. Must be willing to talk (kik, skype) on a regular basis but I’m definitely willing to do snail mail (letters, small gifts maybe) if we click and feel comfortable. 


Kik: Pastryartsgirl

Skype: meredith.scott713



Name: Michelle

Location: California, USA

Hi there ! This is my first time seeking out for pen pals { ages 20+ preferred } and it has been something I’ve been wanting to for a while. I am looking for people willing to exchange snail mail -letters, art, &/or packages are all something I am hoping to send

I am 22 years old and am currently a part time student. I am creative and very friendly. 

I really enjoy the outdoors and journaling ! I love nature, astronomy, reading, and am forever obsessed with THE OFFICE on Netflix. We don’t necessarily need to have anything in common. 

I am just really looking to meet new people in general. It’s always really beneficial when we can learn new things from each other anyway (: I’ve been thinking that pen palling can be a great way to express myself and get to practice my creativity. 

If anyone is interested please feel free to message me ! Thanks for reading !

Instagram: michynessss
e-mail: michymichelle1994 @


Name: Kimera (kim-er-uh) 
Age: 18
Country: USA
Language: English

Hi, I’m Kimera. I’m looking for a penpal to exchange snail mail with. I already have a couple lovely penpals from the US and I think it would be really cool to find a penpal from a different country to send art, photos, things from my country, and maybe cute packages sometimes. 

Interests: as far as music goes, I like twenty one pilots, halsey, brand new, panic at the disco, a day to remember, the weeknd, childish gambino, bring me the horizon, the story so far, and fall out boy. 

  • Movies: Fight club, Donnie darko, lord of the rings trilogy, the hunger games, quite a few disney/pixar movies, and a lot more. 
  • TV: It’s always sunny in philadelphia, the office, parks and rec, Mr. Robot, teen wolf, arrested development. 

I love the Harry Potter books. I’m a big Harry potter fan. I also love photography, cute mail art, drawing, art journaling, traveling, and meaningful conversations. Psychology and the Zodiac signs (I’m a scorpio) interest me very much. 

I’d like to exchange snailmail with someone who is 16-20 years old, can speak English since it’s the only language I speak, and is from a different country. I’d like to email or tumblr message first so we can get to know each other before I give my adress. those are my only preferences. =) 

Email: kijoba2008 @ 



Name/Age: Peter, age 18

Location: Texas, US freaking A!

About me: I speak English(obviously) Spanish and French. I play soccer and speedball. I play the saxophone for the band I am open minded and interested in many things. We can say that I’m kinda crazy in a good way! I love adventures and trying new things.I am a filmmaker and I enjoy letting my creativity flow and i enjoy making videos.I love writing, thinking (im open minded). Im working myself up to become a great director. My latest film “Project Overclock (yes its online) won 1st place! One of my videos went viral last May, that was blast! I like to very active!

Interests: I’ll try and keep this as short as I can cuz I tend to go on about things I like a lot. I am a geek. I enjoy many fandoms, Marvel/DC being my favorite (the picture explains it all and i can now say i met Stan Lee) DR. Who. StarWars. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings,I love films! Like any kind of film will do. Avengers and Interstellar being my favorites. I read comics.Love going on adventures and trying new stuff. Figuring out ideas and discoveries. Celtic culture (is that werid) I enjoy science (astronomy) and conspiracies. I play video games (Halo COD Mario GTA). I love Tv shows such as The Walking Dead, Sherlock, House of Cards, Blacklist, The Mentalist, Agents of SHIELD, Daredevil, Flash, Arrow, Gotham, Breaking Bad, and many more!

I enjoy a variety of music.I listen to whatever I like the sound of. I love classic rock (ACDC, Aerosmith, lynyrd skynyrd, Queen) I also like Imagine Dragons and Fallout boy 21 pilots Avenge 7 fold.Panic! At the Disco. I really enjoy film scores as well. Hans Zimmers my friend.

My type of friend would be anyone really, I dont have a perfect penpal but a big bonus would be if you were a bit crazy and geeky, like me. I want to exchange ideas and see the view points of people across the world and widen my view on various topics.

feel free to notify me if your interested – always looking for new friends. Dont be afraid and send me a message. Looking for long lasting friendships. It would be awesome to talk to someone from Scotland or Ireland but if not, everyone is welcomed! Send a picture of yourself when contacting me! We can talk thru email maybe later by other means. just send your username. And also im looking for a writer to help me with a new screenplay!

 My email: astropete1009 @
 Kik: ralfrik