I’m Genevieve! I’m 16 and i’d love to have a pen pal!

I live in Seattle and I love to write and make art, meet people and talk to friends, run, listen to new music, take photographs, go on trips and have adventures in general. I’m a junior in high school and planning on studying astronomy. 

I would love to make pretty and interesting letters to send to people (i might even include drawing and pictures if we get to know each other) so it would be great to have a pen pal that is also interested in putting effort into writing the letters but really I just think it would be cool to send a bunch of snail mail 🙂 

To talk to me just message me me on fairieheaux.tumblr.com

Penfriend Wanted


Name: Sneha
Country: Mauritius

I would love to have a penpal from anywhere in the world with whom I can snailmail or even e-mail regularly.
I’m starting my first year of uni and I’m so excited 🙂 zodiac Cancer. Hobbies : reading poetry, having tea, shopping and drawing with henna. Also I am bilingual in English and French. You can contact me on my tumblr blog: greenteacottoncandy xoxo

Prefences: 19 +


Hi my names Samantha, I’m 16 and I live in Northern Ireland. I’m the one on the right in my photo. I would like a penpal because i like the idea of talking to people from different countries. I’m currently studying sports and business at tech. I like listening to music and reading. I like all types of music except screamo and like hearing new artists. My email address is samanthapatterson1999@gmail.com also my tumblr link is  https://www.tumblr.com/blog/itssamantha320 .


Maria | Aged 20 | Australia

I’m your average poor-sighted female. I love video games (favourites include Assassin’s Creed, Bioshock, L.A. Noire, DmC, Telltale Games .. you name it!), so finding a pen pal who also games to exchange nerdy merch with me with be great. I’m also nuts for drawing – the above photo the left is just an example of what I can do. I’ll binge watch basically anything, however my favourites shows are Modern Family, Scrubs, The Office & Bob’s Burgers. I’m a bit of a Snapchat and IG addict too.

I’ve got some lovely pen pals as it is, but I’ve lost contact with a few too, so gaining a couple of newies would be awesome. I’m not fussed about location and gender, however an age range of about 17-23 would be ideal.

You can grab my attention by sending me a message on live-bythecreed.tumblr.com/
or messaging me at live-by-the-creed @ outlook.com