My name is Katie, I’m 24 from England!
I’ve had penpals since I was 14 and I’m now looking for some more! (I was a bridesmaid for one of my penpals that’s how close we are!)
I prefer snail mail and sending packages as I work full time so have more time to write during my lunch break then type on a computer!
My email address is katiecollins205@gmail.com however if you message my tumblr a-papergirl I will get back to you!

A brief intro –
I blog and sew in my spare time. I’m a fan of anime, cosplay, games and I love cute stationary and postcards!
I don’t have an age range that I would write to, however as I am slightly older I’d say 18+ but if you are younger and want to write to me and have permission etc then I’m happy to do so (Don’t want to cut people out aha.)
Also I don’t mind where you are located, I’ve had penpals from all over and in England as well so I’m not bothered! 🙂

A lot of my penpals have become life long friends who I’ve met up with or have on my social media such as facebook! Others we have kept it low key and exchanged culture facts and parcels with sweets common to our countries.
So if you’re keen to know more, just message me somewhere and we can talk!

Nerd Looking For Fellow Nerd.


Hello! My name is Casey. I am 20, white, and I live in Alabama, USA. I am a cis female so I use she/her pronouns. I am asexual/aromantic with an INTJ personality.

Ever since I graduated from High School I’ve been losing friends left and right. I have never actually tried to make friends before (they just kinda happened at school) and I really don’t know how to make them now. I just have one best friend now and she has been a little too busy with her new job to talk/hang with me lately. So here I am.

I am looking for someone I can write to by snail mail. I like writing old fashioned letters but I haven’t done it in years. Unfortunately, I don’t have WiFi or a way to be online all the time. I also live in the country so I don’t have reliable signal on my cell. So email will be hard to do and Skype is out. 

I would like to write letters and possibly exchange little gifts. I will probably rant about my love for the multiple fandoms I am in. The main ones being Marvel, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, and Harry Potter (I’m Slytherin). I am in a lot more. I also have lots of ships and read a bunch of fanfics. I watch entirely to much TV.

  • What I don’t want is someone who is looking for a romantic relationship, rascists, ship shamers, and queerphobes. 
  • I would prefer someone in my own age group (18-25). 
  • Any gender (cis, trans, or otherwise), race, sexuality, etc is fine by me as long as mine are fine by you. 
  • English speaker/writer.  

(Sorry if this was too long.)


Contact – casey.bowen @ ymail.com

Looking for letter writers!


 I’m Shaeleigh and I’m 21 years old. I’m from Ontario, Canada! (: yay for Canadians, am I right? 

Likes: huge music fan, Avril Lavigne and Good Charlotte are my top two but I love bands like Bring Me The Horizon, LaDispute, Balance and Composure, you can even throw country music in there!  

I LOVE to read, watch endless amounts of Netflix, and play Animal Crossing or Zelda on my Nintendo 3ds, like, all the time. But we can chat more about video games, all the books like John Green, House of Night, Nicholas Sparks, If I Stay, Perks of Being A Wallflower, etc. 

Criminal Minds is my favourite show and next would be One Tree Hill, Rookie Blue, The Fosters, and stuff like Pretty Little Liars, Dexter, Teen wolf, Awkward and so on where as movies vary all over the place.

Dislikes: seafood, violence (in real life considering criminal minds is my favourite lol), bullying, hating on music or people, people who criticize and judge, I don’t like Katy Perry, Drake, or Kane West… Lol and I really suck at laundry. I’m a mess and hate emotions too but I can’t seem to figure my life out with that one just yet. 

WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR: Someone just to write and receive letters from! Snail mail, maybe some presents and little drawings or gifts, whatever. Mainly just letters and someone who will write back. You can be whatever colour, race, religion, or animal you want. I’d prefer someone a little older say 18+ just for maturity and life experience aha. 

I have a friend.Who used to write with me up to 10-15 pages each letter but she’s just way too busy. I understand being in school and I’m completing my last year of College as well so I know the deal but I’d love to receive letters – I think it’s the greatest feeling and just to share how our lives are and talk and support one another. It’s nice to have secrets miles and oceans away, right?

If you’re interested contact me through any of the following
Tumblr: wearenotourfailures-we-are-love.tumblr.com/
Email: shaeleighbeaudry12 @ gmail.com

Random fact: I have 5 tattoos and 8 piercings plus, I speak English and French. Ta da.



I’m Ellen, I’m 20 years old and I come from Sweden. I should start with being honest. I’m not very good with replying very fast, and I will probably blame the mailing system. Sometimes I talk to much about myself and forget to ask questions back. I hate astrology. I don’t own any stickers and I don’t know how to make pretty envelopes or letters. 

Okay, now when that’s out of the way, I hope someone is still left. I’m here, obviously, looking for a pen pal. I’ve studied history at uni for half a year, now I’m taking a break to work and travel for another half a year, before starting a law degree. I have one pen pal, but I’d like some more. I suck at e-mailing, so preferably it would be a snail mail pen pal. 

I like traveling, sailing (which is what I’m doing in my picture), reading, politics, history, drawing, chocolate cake and alcohol. I dislike war, monkeys and heights. I hope to work either with politics or a non profit organisation in the future. 

My ideal pen pal would be someone around my age (i.e. 18+) whom I could discuss books, opinions, philosophy and daily things with in long letters. Gender or country doesn’t matter. I’d like my pen pal to be honest and interesting, and I hope I can be the same.

You can reach me at verde.ellen@gmail.com, or my blog; terra-admirare.tumblr.com!