My name is Jordan K. I am a 16 year old girl from the US.

I love reading, many genres of music, and Netflix!! I love meeting new people and learning about new cultures and beliefs.

Gender, religion, and location does not matter (I would like someone out of the country, but that doesn’t mean I won’t choose you!!) I would also like someone within my age group (15-18). I would love to write letters, however I can email!!

If you are interested, please message me!!
Keysjordan15 @


hi so, I’m Julia
I’m looking for a pen pal ((females only))
I live in California, U.S.
I’m 17 about to be 18 in oct
~I’m very open minded & will talk to you about anything
~I love music but I haven’t been able to really discover new music lately due to the fact that I’ve been busy with other stuff, so I’d like someone who loves music also and would like to share their favorite bands/artists with me (anything is fine, but I’m looking to discover more bands-like indie rock)
~ love talking about weird shit
~I like messing around with makeup
~ taking photos (if u know anything about photography or makeup holla at me cause ima beginner)
~ love art, nature
~I enjoy to sing and dance
~ love the day and night (but especially night)
~ I like learning new things and expanding my knowledge

I prefer ur age to be 17-21
looking for someone with similar interests as I, it doesn’t really matter what country u live in. I want to talk about things such as our perspectives/views on things. just want to create a good relationship with new people & send each other cute things 🙂

if u are interested contact me by email, or message me on my tumblr

tumblr :

I love positive and open minded people!


Hey, people!  I’m Fábio! I’m from Leiria, Portugal and I am 21 years old!

I love positive and open minded people! I like to travel and discover new places with good and different vibes!

I have big dreams: I want to be an actor! I study drama in a good school in Lisbon and I love to entertain people! For me, there’s nothing better like to make a friend smile! I love to explore emotions!

  • I love big citys like New york, London, L.A, Paris! If you live in those citys I would love to talk to you!
  • I also love different races and cultures! 
  • I would love to talk with girls and boys. Straights, gays or lesbians: I’m very open minded!
  • I am addicted to TV-SHOWS AND BOOKS! 😀 

I don’t like negative, arrogant and rude people. I stay away from those kind of people. I also hate people who act like their are superior than rest of the world. I hate spiders. And i don’t feel good when I see blood, I am really sensitive when its all about blood and wounds, and that’s because I can’t see people in pain.

I try to keep bad feelings out of me. Hate is a strong bad feeling, and I try to not feel that (unless you are a spider ahah).

I search people who love art, specially Drama and cinema. I also like photography! 

I want  (preferentiallySnail Mail – I want to make special friends to trade letters! Trade small gifts! That’s what you can expect from me! And I expect the same from you! But, very important: I expect you don’t forget to sent me the letter, cause I won’t forget too! 🙂

But.. If your search for a skype friend, then it would be cool as well! I love skype and video call!

Random Fact: I love donuts! Like I REALLY LOVE DONUTS!

If you to trade adresse’s and talk to me about the snail mail or skype this is my tumblr:

Fábio –

Thanks! Kisses And Hugs! 🙂

I run a fashion and beauty blog


First name: Laura

Age: 17

Location: UK

Languages I speak: English

About me: 

  • I run a fashion and beauty blog
  • I binge watch TV shows on Netflix 
  • I own way too many shoes
  • I run a small shop on Big Cartel called ‘Laura Shannon Designs’
  • I have a large collection of Vogue magasines 
  • I want to travel 
  • I have a strange, unexplainable phobia of seaweed. 

What I would like in a penpal:

  • Age: Between 16 to 19
  • Location: Anywhere
  • Language: English
  • Gender: Preferably Female

Email – lauraxshannon @
Tumblr –


Hi my name is Isabella!

I am 18 years old and from a tiny island in the Pacific called Guam. It is my first time doing this pen pal thing so please bare with me! I just graduated from high school and started university.

One day I plan to become a psychiatrist because I enjoy the simple pleasure of helping other people. I enjoy writing, doodling, watching movies on Netflix, and listening to music. I also love traveling and food. I am interested in finding new friends preferably those around my age but don’t be afraid to message me otherwise. I would love to find a lasting friend who I can share my experiences with!

my email: