NAME: Megan
AGE: 18
LOCATION: Scotland, UK
LANGUAGES: English, French, BSL
WORK: Nursery (Daycare) Practitioner for 3-18 month old children

LIKES: Books, Tattoos, Ear Piercings, Quotes, Writing, Babysitting, Baking, Crafting, Stickers, Youtube, Reading Fanfiction

  • BOOKS: Anything and everything. Willing to read anything once; once I start I have to read until the end, no matter how bad it may be! Harry Potter is my life 
  • MOVIES: Harry Potter Series, Disney Animation, Romance, Anything Jennifer Aniston or Anne Hathaway
  • TV: Call the Midwife, OITNB, Outnumbered, Friends, Scrubs, Pretty Little Liars, Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who. (looking for new shows to watch!)

LOOKING FOR: I’d love to find someone who identifies as female, preferably age 16-30. Love to snail mail

Email: megancannotdance @


Hi everyone! My name is Kym and I am 22 years old from England! I have submitted on here a couple of times in the past but I am looking for more pals 🙂

Interests: I love reading and writing, I have had penpals for about ten years from all over the world and I love getting to know people! My favourite show is Supernatural and I collect Kawaii merchandise and stationary. I love anime, manga, animals and retro gaming 🙂

Looking for: Life time friends for snail mail! Please only message me if you are interested in a long term friendship, not just a few letters then stop. I like writing long letters, and I also trade Kawaii merchandise/ stationary so am also looking for people who want to trade too! Any gender, and place in the world 🙂

Dislikes: Any prejudice of any kind!

I usually start out by sending a few emails getting to know people for a bit before swapping addresses, so if you think you would like to become my new snail mail/swap buddy you can either message me on here or through my email:

kym-baxter @

I look forward to meeting you! <3


Hey guys! I had an ad on here before and had quite a few awesome penpals but sadly back in April I lost my best friend and god daughter on the same day and because of that my depression got super bad and I couldn’t function to even write people back it was bad. I am doing much better now though so I’m looking for some new penpals! (and if you were a penpal in the past please get back to me because I dont have your addresses anymore and would still love to write to you!)

My name is Jessika and I’m a 21 year old girl from the coast of South Carolina, US. I currently work at a bowling alley and also as a prop maker for cosplay. 

I love to travel, bake, create, read and write. I’m a whovian, tolkien, muggle who spends way too much time inside for how much I love nature. I’m also Pagan. I collect crystals and weird trinkets. I have a love for sloths. I cosplay and am an aspiring author. 

My perfect penpal is anyone really. I would prefer you to be at least 19 though because I don’t feel like I have as much in common with someone much younger. I speak English and a tad bit of German so if you speak German that would be awesome because I would love to practice! Boys or girls it doesnt matter as long as you are accepting of my faith and do not judge. I will do the same for you 🙂

You can shoot me a message at

Hope to hear from you!


Hey! My name’s Natalie and I’m a university student from Scotland 

Im looking for someone to keep an email or social media based friendship with. Im 20 and would want someone of a relatively similar age, male or female, I don’t mind! 

I like History, LOTR, Game of Thrones and many other things. Honestly, I’m looking for someone who would want to tell me about their day to day life, someone who needs somewhere to vent. Thats what Im looking to do myself. 

Contact me if you’re interested! 

tumblr –

email –

Want Some Postcards?


Hey everyone, 

My name is Shiralee and I’ve posted here a few times and I have some great penlas, and I’m not really looking for many more at the moment. BUT I do get free postcards from my university for the pen pals that I do have I have quite a few spare and I was wondering if anyone out there would like to do an exchange with me? 

I’m not hugely interested in postcard but getting a few would be cool, I’ll accept stationery, tea, chocolate and sweets and things, other little trinket things that you’d be willing to send or that represents where you’re from. I collect coins, stamps, and keyring, so some of those would be cool. And if you collect anything that I might be able to get let me know.  

The postcard that I have and get are free postcards so that often cool pictures that they are using to advertise and even or an art show or something cool like that, but they are lovely postcard in their own right. If there are particular themed postcards that you would like from Australia (the country that I live in) such as animals or cool australian things, or from the city of Hobart (the city where I live) please let me know and I will try to go out and buy a couple specially for you if I can. You will get more than one postcard too! And a letter also. If you have a particularly large love of tea too I might be able to work something out for you. I will be looking for a reciprocation that reflects the effort that I will put into what I’m sending you. 

If you are interested please contact me at shiralee9392 @ gmail . com
or at my Tumblr