Hey Guys! My name is Ryann but I go by many nicknames that my friends come up for me! I am fifteen years old, but I will be turning sixteen in June! I have quite a few interests which include; photography, volunteering with animals and children, making candles and other small nicknacks, writing, drawing, and as dorky as it sounds I love to learn about different cultures and people! In the future, I would love to be able to travel the world as a professional photographer, though before I do I rather make friends from all over the world! My dream though is to be able to go to France. Oh, and I am fluent in English, though I can speak some German (not fluently). 

I think my perfect penpal would have to be open to sending emails, letters (or even gifts), skyping, and just being my friend. I would prefer them to be open-minded and be able to teach me about their culture and maybe even help me learn their language (if they are not from America). My pen-pal can be a male/female/any one, in all honesty I just want my perfect pen-pal to be open to constantly talking to me and just getting to know each other! I don’t mind having a pen pal that is a bit older than I am, but just no one over the age of 21, please. Though, I am open to having a pen=pal in the states I think it would be cool to meet people who are not from the United states!

Social Media!

Kik: Unknown_Cupcake 
Skype: InfiniteHigh1 
Email: maatlfush1

(If you want to contact me via social media about being pen-pals just say “Hey I’m __ and I would want to be pen-pasl! (Or anything like that)

Lets see, I’m pretty open to anybody despite sexuality, religion, race, and ect. If you’re a good person the we’ll get along! And that’s about it for anything extra. I mean, if you have questions you could always message me!



Name: Rosa
Age: 25
Country: USA
Gender: female
Languages: English, Spanish
Interests/Hobbies: Hiking, reading, running, movies, singing, and sooo much more
Personal message: I’m a happily married mom. Hoping to find a good friend with whome to share life’s ups and downs with.

Contact info (email or Tumblr): send me a note 🙂
About the penpal/s I’m looking for-
Countries: anywhere
Gender: female
Age group: 20-40
Languages:English or Spanish
Email, snail mail or both: snail mail
Anything else: