Name: Brandy 
Age: 20
Location: Georgia, USA

Contact: tumblr/email etc: /
brandy.benfield @

About me: A little bit about me is that I’m an only child, born on December 27, 1994. Literally everything about Capricorns is me. I’m going to college for Early Childhood Education.  

Interest/hobbies: Fashion, Reading, Writing, Singing, Journal-ing, going to movies,shopping and hanging out with my friends and family.

Favourite books/films/tv shows

  • Books: We Were Liars, Unraveling Isobel, Little White Lies, Forget You. 
  • Films: Virginia, Electrick Children, Anything disney, anything scary. I will literally watch any movie! 
  • TV Shows: American Horror Story, Sons of Anarchy, Hemlock Grove, Teen Wolf, The Golden Girls, Friends…  

What would you like to send/receive?: BOTH

Who would you like to send and receive mail from?: Anyone will to talk and get to know me.  

What countries would you like to receive mail from and send to: Everywhere. 



age:18 (19 in June)

Country: Califorina,US

Languages: English

Likes: Books,travel,art,panting,photography,nature,yoga,sketching,Film. Anything artsy basically.

Personal message: Hello I’m Leah-Hope, I’m hoping to look for a Snail Mail & Art Pen Pal I have never done this before and I hope that i can find someone that will write and send art work with me (: Well I should probably tell you about myself now. I am into art i love everything about it. i paint, draw, and do photography, once in a while i can create jewelry, i am a very artsy person and if i put my mind to it i can try my best to create it . I rather spend my days outside in the earths beautiful nature and hike wherever I can find peace and silences and capture its lovely beauty. I’m a big fan of going to garage sales or thrift stores and finding things i like its best to recycle 😀 I Love going into books stores and getting lost in all the books i find, i can spend hours just looking at everything that captures my eye. That is probably very random but its something from the heart (:

You can contact me through tumblr:
Email: Ldool0605 @ gmail . com

Random fact: I am a christian but I am very acceptable to everyone I meet. I rather love everyone i meet (: that is how i was raised. I also have two first names sooo yeahh haha. 


I’m Emilee, 18 years young, and I live in the US, Michigan to be exact! 

I love photography. My family comes before everything, especially my niece and the new baby on the way. I like open minded people, and I’m not good with small talk. I love talks about life and stuff like that. I’m really good at guessing what’s going to be said next. 

I am looking for a skype buddy or email buddy. I prefer it to be girls, but I’m open to guys as well. I would say youngest being 17 and oldest 20. I’m gonna say it’ll be a friend thing, but I wouldn’t not be open to a relationship. 

My skype is emmichele15 and
my email is laneemilee0 @ gmail .com


Kate Hannigan, 20, I live on the Central Coast in New South Wales, Australia. 
My interests include, singing, paddle boarding, watching Game of Thrones with my fat dog Tek and playing water polo. 
I would love someone around my age, preferably a girl (but it doesn’t matter)  to write letters too.


Hello 😀 I’m Ainsley, 19 year old person from New York. I spend my time reading, studying, writing, and going on walks. I’m also into nature, travel, fashion, and comedy. I’m learning Italian, so it would be cool to be pen-pals with someone who is also learning, or someone who is fluent. I’m also planning on learning Esperanto. I’m a pretty positive person in real life, despite the vibe my tumblr may give off :p

I’d like potential pen-pals to sixteen to twenty-two years old (you know, more of a chance of relating to each other). I’m from the US, but am cool with anyone from Canada or Europe as well. Right now, I’m looking to communicate through email (and tumblr), but maybe Skype once we get to know each other a bit better. Just looking for a friend here.

My tumblr is 

My email is mostlyontheinternet @ gmail .com