Hi there! My name is Ailish, I am 18, I’m genderqueer and prefer Fae/Faer pronouns or gender neutral pronouns, from the Bay Area in California,USA and I am looking for a penpal!

My Likes: Reading books I haven’t got time to read, watching shows like Bob’s Burgers and Parks and Rec, listening to music like Fall Out Boy and Hozier. I love Disney and everything about it I am studying English Literature and Women and Gender Studies in school and I absolutely love it here!

I an looking for a penpal to write letters with back and forth, no rush. I would prefer other queer people who are at least 18 but it’s not necessarily mandatory. 

Random Fact: I have 3 tattoos, two of which are Harry Potter related.

I hope to hear from you soon!


Hello ! My name is Nicolette. I am 22 years old and live in Florida.

I like art, going on adventures, the beach, skating, books, yoga, traveling, making jewelry, making new friends and people who are down to earth and eager to make friends!
I don’t dislike many things but I do dislike spiders to the max!

As for what I am looking for in a pen pal, I am honestly looking for a friend. Someone to talk to, share pictures, stories and even packages with! I would love to get to know you and see what you like as well as some of your favorite things or even things you make. I would like to meet someone between 18-27 and preferably a girl. I’m not picky on where you are located!

My tumblr is
and you can send me a message here:
or you can add me on instagram: nicolettttte

Hmm a random fact about me is I could live in a hammock or even on the beach..Oh and I know every word to Ace Ventura When Nature Calls.


Hi, my name is Hollie J. I live in England and I’m 20 years old.

I go to university studying Film and Television Studies. Films are very interesting to me and the cinema is one of my favourite places.
I also love singing and dancing, I was part of a theatre group for 10 years and performed at various theatres although I don’t particularly do that anymore, I still love it 

I’m looking for a pen pal anywhere in the world, roughly the same age as me that I can just write letters to and have something in common with.

Message me on tumblr, my URL is