I’m MJ and I’m Korean live in South Korea. And I study nursing in unoversity. My age is 19 but in Korea 21. I want to have abroad friends! But I’m not good at English because English is not my mother tongue. I’m good at reading so I understand most of it. If you don’t mind my poor English send me mail!! We can be a friend!! You can teach English to me and I can help you learning Korean if you interested in learning Korean. I like watching movies and dramas. Mostly I watched SF movies… ppenpdncncncjdjdpenoaskekoRecently, I watched skam! And I like listen to music. So I don’t care about the genre of music except heavy metal… I like Charlie Puth, Mamamoo, Akdong. I often listen to Kent, Cold play. And I like nature. So I loves to stroll in a park. Contact me :


hey hey! My name is Christiana and I’m a college student in NYC (US) looking to meet more ppl! 

About Me:
I study Creative Writing. I’m passionate about poetry, art, and making Spotify playlists (for Spotify inquiries: chrissaswims). I love going to concerts, galleries, and outdoor things like hiking, rafting, etc. I throw my hands in the air when I dance.


  • some of my fav music artists – Sufjan Stevens, Kanye, SZA, King Krule, Respighi, Talking Heads, Elvis Depressedly, Florist, Bob Dylan, so much more…
  • fav poets/authors – Anne Carson, Rilke, Oppen, César Aira, Simone Weil, Khalil Gibran, Anaïs Duplan….
  • fav movies – Submarine, Coraline, Ferris Bueller, Into the Wild…
  • fav places – the river, the ocean, the mountain, the city, the place between wakings

Anyway, pls hmu for any reason, virtual or snail mail.
or email: chrissaswims @ 

I love writing letters for the tangible way it connects people but I also like things like watching movies over FaceTime, texting links to each other, etc.
have a lovely life !!!!


email buddy, instant messaging pal, culture exchange 🙂

Name: Rene
Gender: female
Age: 21
Location: Indonesia

Likes: dancing, musicals, going to the movies, animation (pixar !!!), journalling, covering Kpop dances, discovering good indie music, eating good food

Dislikes: anti-lgbt, overly sensitive people

  • Music: fall out boy, phum viphurit, movie soundtracks (call me by your name, disney), jazz cafe music. i listen to pretty much any genre
  • TV Shows: gossip girl, Brooklyn 99 (michael schur’s sitcoms are the f. best), bobs burgers, American Horror Story

Pen Pal Requirements:

  • I’m cool with facetiming
  • Any gender, sexuality, race, religion, etc
  • only message my if you respect my likes + dislikes

instagram: @renegrinaldi

Looking for a pen pal 18+


My name is Courtney, I’m 22, and I live in the US! I’m looking for a consistent long term pen pal (snail mail, emailing, etc) who’s over 18 and is good with conversations, sharing interests, etc. and someone I can develop a friendship with. I’ve recently experienced several tragedies in my life including the death of my brother, my dad, and both my grandparents. I would love a pen pal who is able to handle grief and can provide comforting words during the hard days.
I’m a HUGE movie person so if you are too, that’s a plus, but if not, that’s okay too. I always have some movie recommendations and am always up for taking some too. I work in the film industry in Georgia.
I’m gay, and also love Harry Potter, traveling, food, dance, and connecting with other people. Message me on my tumblr to get to know me more! 🙂

Penpal wanted!


Hello! My name is Mariana i’m 20 Y/O (21 in may) from Mexico!

I’m really awkward at conversation so i want to get better, i’m also into learning languages! currently i’m teaching myself korean, i’m really into art, i’m an animation student, love cats and space, i’m also really into collecting coins from places lately! 

I would like someone who i can send mail and cute things and just message on social media. i’m desperate for friends

you can DM on my tumblr or email me

Hope to hear from you soon :).