Hi, my name is Corinna but some people like to call me Coco. I am from Germany, 17 years old and looking for a snail mail pen pal!

I had some pen pals in the past but due to personal circumstances (like moving to another city etc) I wasn’t able to keep them up. My mail box is pretty empty right now and ready for your letters.

What you have to know about me is…

  • I really enjoy watching all kinds of movies (e.g. I am obsessed with everything Marvel, Star Wars, horror movies etc)
  • music is what keeps me alive. I play the guitar and the violin, I enjoy singing in the school choir and being in an orchestra
  • my favourite bands/artists are: RISE AGAINST, the maine, P!ATD, Borns. Harry Styles, Queen, and some really good german artists! 
  • my favourite shows include: glee, TVD, Preacher, .. I am more into movies tbh
  • I also used to be into writing but currently school just freaks me out and kills my whole creativity but i would LOVE to read what you have to say!

I speak german, english, a little bit french and the worst spanish you’ve ever heard! Maybe you could help me out?

I really don’t care where you are from or if you’re a boy or a girl or anything in between. The only things I care about are that you should be around my age (15-19) and a nice and friendly human being. <3

With that being said I hope that I’ll find the perfect pen pal!



Ellen. 25. Journalist out west.

I’ve had a few pen pals that I met on Tumblr that fizzled out, so I thought I’d try again!

I’m a feminist who loves reading, writing, pop culture, pizza and not moving ever.

I watch way too much to list, but it includes Rick and Morty, GoT, BoJack Horseman and Westworld. My movies taste ranges about the same. Which is also the case for books. Currently reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt.

I just want to find some cool people to write about life and weird tastes. I like writing and receiving long letters and stressing over finding cute gifts to send.

I’m looking for women between 23-30. Doesn’t matter where. Promise to not be a serial killer and I’ll guarantee the same. (Yes, my profile is barren. I just remade a new account, so I’m working on it.)

Feel free to follow me @elfylucille or email me at and we’ll go from there!

Looking for a penpal



Petra, a 26-year old Belgian girl. I speak Flemish/Dutch and English (and some basic French).

Interested in: reading books (David Sedaris, Augusten Burroughs, …), music (especially artists/Singer-songwriters like Tegan and Sara, Kaki King, Lucy Spraggan, P!nk, BOY, City and Colour, Fences and many more!), I spend way too much time watching National Geographic and Discovery Channel… Also watch a lot of tv shows (2 broke girls, OITNB, Pretty Little Liars, …). I’m a big fan of the USWNT. Love tattoos even though I can’t have visible ones because of my job.

Penpals I’m looking for:

Preferably an English speaking person between the age of 20-30, doesn’t matter where you live. Sex or religion doesn’t matter. I don’t know much LGBT people in real live but would love to have some more!

I would like to start as e-mail friends and move on to sending postcards/letters/mix-cd’s/gifts later on once we know each other a bit better.

Contact info:



September 14, 2017


Katherine // 20 // Canada, Quebec //

I’m actually not in Quebec right now, traveling for a bit.

I watch Netflix way more than I should, same for reading, I always have at least a book with me (yeah, sometimes I have more than one).

I always crave banana bread but I’m a disaster when I bake.

I’m really bad at introducing myself (I have the impression that I would be a bad salesman)

If you love bad puns, we will be a perfect match ;)!!

Have a wonderful day


Snapchat: potatohug

Looking for penpals


I really miss the feel of paper and the excitement of sending and receiving lovely letters, if you feel the same, read on!

About me: The name is Maya. I am 28 years old and my current residence is in Germany.

I used to study both library science and graphic design, but I dropped out of university a year ago, due to my mental health.

I love food, drawing, naps, anime/series (for now I’m in love with JJBA, BNHA, Berserk, and Kakegurui❤❤), online-shopping (I’m a junkie) and fashion.

I am currently learning dutch and brushing up my french on my own. I am also trying to learn some proper japanese, but it is a bit of a challenge 😮

I consider myself a bit of an artnerd, so be prepared for me gushing about a certain illustrator or painter.

Occasionally I play videogames, such as Assassin’s Creed, Final Fantasy, Shin Megami Tensei Series (also Persona, but only 1-4) and Dragon Age. I am always open for more suggestions of media, be it books, animations, movies, series or videogames.
I also have a rather crude sense of humour and tend to make really bad puns, so be warned :3 I also love memes.

About you: I am looking for penpals in my age-range (23-35) with *very important* similar interests. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense.
So if you feel like exchanging artworks/drawings/fanart, jokes, memes, stories and shenanigans, reblog this post or send me an email to tigerbalm (at) tuta (dot) io