Looking for pen pals!


Hey guys! I’m looking for a new pen pal or a few. 😊

: Evie

: 24

: Indiana, USA

Looking for:
pen pals/pen friends 

Most of my pen pals have stopped replying life gets busy which I understand. I like to exchange letters with little add ins and try to make them creative and we can exchange little packages as well if you want. 

I truly love having pen pals.

  • Little bit about me: I’m vegan (don’t worry I won’t annoy you about it haha) I have a dog and she’s the greatest! Yes I’ll send photos, I love rainy/ stormy days, my favorite color is pink, I love Th Neighbourhood, I’ve always wanted to learn ASL and Russian.
  • Hobbies: shopping, reading, watching HGTV, repinning things on Pinterest I know I’m not going to make, going to flea markets, Harry Potter, dad jokes.
  • Fun Fact: I broke my pinky at a colour guard competition in high school.

Contact me: sobabyymakemefly.tumblr.com/ 
 or email me at evelyn p e n d e r 18 at g m A i L dOt com 


Let’s talk about stuff

Hi I’m Ky! I’m 18 and I am a lady. I live in Iowa, USA. So my main interest is spaces and people’s lives. I like to do creative things like make posters on my computer and leave calligraphy for people on napkins. Also, music. I want to learn about people; their lives, homes, interests, etc. I’m looking for a pen pal who lives outside the USA. I love writing letters, but I think I’d like to start with email. We don’t have to have anything in common, if you just want to tell me about yourself, email me! kytrimble@gmail.com


Hey there! I am Leah and I’m from England.

I am 18 years old and am just finishing my last year at college.

I love watching a lot of shows and reading books but most of all i like getting to know people and being up for a bit of banter.

I get little obsessions from time to time like with postcards and stickers (Omg stickers are legit the best) I absolutely love tea like i am an addict (but i always do the classic of waiting for a cuppa to cool and remembering it when its stone cold taking a sip and looking like i just choked on something sour xD)

My perfect penpal would be someone who is fun and caring i really dont mind who you are i just want to enjoy getting to know people and seeing if we can hit it off.

my email is : missljk123@yahoo.com

my tumblr is :thehomelessnetworkinthetardis

Send me a message cause we could get on great and u could find me fun (ik i think i am hilarious xD) 


Looking for Lovely Letters

My name is Beth i’m 19, a lesbian and i live in scotland. i’m looking for a penpal as i’m struggling with loneliness and my bipolar at the moment, i love writing and reading letters and i’m looking for someone who has similar interests: arts, culture, desserts, LGBT, nature and everything magical and mythical! Please be 18+, female and in the uk 🙂


get to know me, you might like what you find hehe

Name: So my name is Jorge, but I prefer George because most people can’t pronounce my name.

Age: 22 going on 23

Gender: Male

Language: English because I didn’t want to learn growing up, but now I realize that was a mistake and I plan to correct that (maybe with someone’s help?? pls???)

Location: From South Texas but currently living in Florida because of my job (I’ll tell you more about it if you want)

Interests & Hobbies: I would love to learn more about the electric guitar, playing and learning to read sheet music, etc. I play lots of game when I have time, usually rpgs like skyrim, fallout, and some shooters. I’ve recently taken up reading again because of my job (feel free to ask why). Have more but would like to tell you in a conversation instead of spoiling it all here.

Likes: open minded people, positive people, people who like metal or rock, fellow gamers and memers, people who like to share their lives

Dislikes: Legit racist people, rude ass people, dick heads, pessimists

What I wish for in a Pen Pal: preferably a female, someone who wants a long term friendship and are willing to grow, learn and teach each other something from their experiences and hopefully become best friends and eventually meet up in real life! (I’ll try my best I promise)

How to contact me: email is pob294@gmail.com. kik is WolfLord908. Snapchat is popcornzilla. I’ll give you my phone number and facebook once things start going good.

Ages: 16 up to 30 just be nice and kind, dark humor is a plus, don’t mind a little sarcasm, jokes and memes are great and yeah I love to help out people as well, I’m all for giving advice and you venting out your frustrations out instead of bottling it up inside and stressing you out. I’m here for you, just tell me what pains you and we’ll figure it out together. 🙂 sorry I don’t have a pic, can’t send one at the moment but once we message I might be able to.

Well thanks for stopping by this ad I look forward to meet you! May we become best friends 😀