What is the value of facebook friendships?

With Facebook and you can also close friends.  First of all the technology – ie Facebook, emails, internet – friendships for a great relief to make contact. But I have also personally see friends occasionally. That means I have to be able to smell, I need the physical presence. And if you ever writes on the internet people, because you can be with many people – but friendships as such are not.

When can I call someone a friend at all?

The predicate of friendship actually have in the relationship when it comes to heart-friendships properly. These are relationships where emotional also a great intimacy arises. These are also the relationships that last the longest. Within seven years fail 50 percent of friendships. And it fail mainly Average friendships, while the heart-friendships are often life-long stable.

What really makes a good friend?

A good friend can tell you everything. Fears, weaknesses, embarrassment, no matter. Declared a day of friendship, a psychologist, how many real friends, each of us really has. A good friend is someone you can absolutely trust, which you can tell everything possible, including through fears, weaknesses, embarrassing situations. And a friend is absolutely reliable. If you are in any crisis and needs support – the friends who remain there, these are the right friends.