Hi, I’m Hannah! I’m 20 and a Studio Art Major. I live in Florida, USA.

I’m looking for a Tumblr Messaging Buddy to start. We can Snail Mail once in a while when I get my hands on some stamps.

  • Likes: Art & art history, literature, film, philosophy, video games
    • Message me to hear more!
  • Dislikes: Gauguin, yelling, bigotry

I injured myself recently and am stuck at home all day, sorely missing talking to new people. I’m looking for someone’s brain to pick and someone to have fulfilling conversations with. If you have some differing interests, no worries! I love to learn new things and hear about new experiences! I’m lgtbq+ friendly and welcoming to anyone who wants to chat!

Contact Me:
email: what_the_bunk @ yahoo

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