Stef here, with my pup Holly. I met one of my closest friends posting a picture of us on this site so here it goes 2.0! 

I am 27, live in TX, at this time, snail mail ice cubes will not suffice, please expedite them for it is reaching over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, many thanks! (insert laughter at my own joke here)

I adore running and reading, a forever struggle to move around all day or sit on my butt staring at paper, I find running to the library helps! I keep all my pen pal letters in a scrap book, so the deal is you write to me, you bet your sweet cheeks you can visit me as an old person and eat cake with your dentures chilling next to my dentures laughing about all the fuss in our youth.

Let’s get this show on the road and be buddies, okay, cool, because seriously, I need ice cubes. I mentioned this, but again, okay, bye. *awkward out of sync fist bump that turns to a punch in the air and kills gnat by accident*

stefrmeade @ gmail. com

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