Hi everyone :3


Name: Anna

Age: 21

Location: Estonia

About me: I’m so bad at talking about myself, pls forgive me.

I enjoy being in nature and going for walks. I have a pretty large knowledge of flowers because I worked in a greenhouse for a long time. My mom has worked there longer than I’ve been alive so I’ve grown up loving and caring for plants. My favorite genre of basically anything is sci-fi or fantasy. My fav films are Blade Runner, Robocop, Leon: the professional, and 2001: A Space Odyssey. I’m a bookworm and lately I’ve been reading through works by Kafka. My favorite author is Kazuo Ishiguro. I like to drink coffee and I would consider it a hobby of mine to find new cafés to visit! I like to try a new flavor every time I go anywhere, it’s exciting. I also love the sea and one of my favorite pastimes is taking the ferry between Helsinki and Tallinn, I like to be glued to the window for the duration.

Random fact about me: I can wiggle my ears. I’m allergic to asparagus, strawberry plants, and geraniums, all of which I lovE (sob)

I’m looking for someone who wants to have a long term friendship, I don’t care if we talk through email but I prefer snail mail or instant messaging. I just get overwhelmed with email for some reason!

As long as you’re kind and respectful to others, I think we should get along fine! I don’t tolerate any hate from people 🙂

Email address: floralnirvana @ gmail . com

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