Name: Brittany

Age: 19

Location: U.S.

Contact: brittany.le713@gmail.com or my insta @shorty.jpg

i like to paint, write poetry, and have a horrible obsession with cooking and food 🙂 (my tumblr used to be a food blog) my guilty pleasures include korean dramas and anime. my current favorite artist right now is daniel caesar , however i do jump around from hunter haynes, twenty one pilots, 5 seconds of summer, ed sheeran, and practically every where else in between. im currently a swim coach for 5-12 year olds and am a nursing student in just finishing my 1st year of college. i geek over the harry potter series though ive only read the 1st book, but seen all the movies. i am all about skin care and current in process of adding to my 50+ tips on skin care.

Receive: emails and eventually snail mail. preferably people 17+ from where ever, whom ever

i dont use tumblr very often so its best to email or dm me 🙂

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