Pen pal submission


Name: Simone

: 27

: Australia 

Looking for:
I would like a Penpal in their 20s-30s. I love to learn about people and would love to get to know new people from across

I’m happy to do email, snail mail or both: I really would like snail mail,
as I like to send little items 🙂

I started a new tumblr as I couldn’t get into my old one >_< so my tumblr does look empty atm.

A little snap shot of what I’m into – Binge watching tv series, cartoons, anime, comics (marvel), listening to music, going to gigs, photography, tattoos, making videos, gaming, trying to collect old cameras, watching cat videos, baking, arts and crafts.

Email – simonepdavis @ gmail . com

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