Bonjour everyone!

My name is Danielle and I am a 20 year struggling college student from Illinois, US!

  • I’m obsessed with the shows Riverdale, Shameless, and Star on Fox. 
  • I love classic Hollywood, music from literally every decade but this one and ghost adventures. 
  • I’m an aspiring actress who’s also obsessed with musicals and can speak a decent amount of French.

I’m interested in an email buddy for right now until I set up a PO Box. I’m travelling to Scotland next spring so it would be pretty cool if I met someone on that side of the Atlantic.

You can reach me at….
Email: cocoamour20 @
Or you can just send me an ask on my blog

P.S. I’m also extremely liberal and won’t tolerate any Trump talk.

Have a great day (:

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