Hi! My name is Meghan (I prefer Meg) and I’m searching for a pen pal that won’t stop writing after a few emails and is interested in snail mail, like me. I’m willing to send letters, drawings, and packages back and forth whether domestically or internationally. I’m from the USA (IL), I’m 18, and about to start my first term of college.
A few things to know about me: I love to write and draw, and I love musicals probably more than I need to. I enjoy Marvel movies, pop culture (Stranger Things, Series of Unfortunate Events), books (I could go on and on!) and a few other things that I can tell you about if you decide to become a penpal!
I have a tumblr @meggiejoe, but I don’t have much posted. The best way to hear from me is by my email, phelps.meghan@gmail.com.
Don’t be afraid to reach out!

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