Hey there! I am Leah and I’m from England.

I am 18 years old and am just finishing my last year at college.

I love watching a lot of shows and reading books but most of all i like getting to know people and being up for a bit of banter.

I get little obsessions from time to time like with postcards and stickers (Omg stickers are legit the best) I absolutely love tea like i am an addict (but i always do the classic of waiting for a cuppa to cool and remembering it when its stone cold taking a sip and looking like i just choked on something sour xD)

My perfect penpal would be someone who is fun and caring i really dont mind who you are i just want to enjoy getting to know people and seeing if we can hit it off.

my email is :

my tumblr is :thehomelessnetworkinthetardis

Send me a message cause we could get on great and u could find me fun (ik i think i am hilarious xD) 

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