Looking for pen pals!


Hey guys! I’m looking for a new pen pal or a few. 😊

: Evie

: 24

: Indiana, USA

Looking for:
pen pals/pen friends 

Most of my pen pals have stopped replying life gets busy which I understand. I like to exchange letters with little add ins and try to make them creative and we can exchange little packages as well if you want. 

I truly love having pen pals.

  • Little bit about me: I’m vegan (don’t worry I won’t annoy you about it haha) I have a dog and she’s the greatest! Yes I’ll send photos, I love rainy/ stormy days, my favorite color is pink, I love Th Neighbourhood, I’ve always wanted to learn ASL and Russian.
  • Hobbies: shopping, reading, watching HGTV, repinning things on Pinterest I know I’m not going to make, going to flea markets, Harry Potter, dad jokes.
  • Fun Fact: I broke my pinky at a colour guard competition in high school.

Contact me: sobabyymakemefly.tumblr.com/ 
 or email me at evelyn p e n d e r 18 at g m A i L dOt com 

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