Has anyone heard of that one song?


Name: Aro

Age: 20

Location: Texas, USA

Has anyone heard of that one song by Sufjan Stevens that has that one great melody? Or by Keaton Henson? What about from the Gorillaz? No? Well then, what about by Bonjr? Or Ludovico Einaudi? Maybe by that one tune from the radio you couldn’t get to on Shazam quick enough? Queen? The Neighbourhood? Am I close?

Hi! So I don’t know how to seem appealing as a potential friend, but I am Aro. Not really, but for personal reasons let’s just go by that name. I am 20 years old member of the lgbt+ community and am still figuring things out, like my own preferences and such. 

  • Interests & hobbies: reading (from fanfics to almost anything lgbt+ to YA and I guess whatever catches my eye), writing, listening to music, finding new music, learning and researching history, hard questions that make me question my views, and more
  • Likes: dogs, mysteries, Buzzfeed Unsolved, Criminal Minds, Bnha, Sense8, history, music (mainly indie, instrumental, and just anything that can make me feel emotions because of the beat or lyrics), learning new things, books (though I have different things I look for so some fav authors would be Rick Riordan, Austin Chant, Josh Lanyon, Nora Sakavic, and uh a few others), and probably more
  • Dislikes: close mindedness. I find that it makes it hard for conversations to continue. 

What I wish for in a pen pal: Email Buddy/Pen pal at the momemt. Someone to talk to through email or a social media like tumblr about likes, dislikes, and to learn from. I have a lot of baggage and may end up dumping a lot of that on you, but I hope that it won’t bother you. I also hope that I can be an ear to someone else. But I do disappear from time to time because of personal reasons but I always get back. Someone who is close to my age (I am 20) or older and can communicate in English. So maybe 18 and older?

How to contact me through email: (allulabyw.9ps @ gmail . com)

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