Looking for pen pal


Hello, I’m looking for any person that wants a good old fashioned pen pal.  I want to connect to others of different cultures and in different parts of the world. Even if your cross town I would still like to meet you. A little about me:I’m 38 but act much younger. I am a wife of 20 years and we have 3 kids (21, 13, and 9). I love my family, love to swim and other fitness, listen to music, laugh , have deep conversations and trivial conversation. I have always loved writing. I have a classic kind of style with a little trend, ( little black dress, jeans and t-shirt but with glitter, lol), I love my family above all else. I am mostly shy but have been known to be blunt or opinionated when it come to something I feel passionate about. I am about what if fair and treating others with respect. I do tend to ride on the sarcasm side of things. Mostly to get people to laugh. I love giving to others and I would love to help everyone. Unfortunately, I am unable to help to a degree where anyone notices. I still try.   


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