Hello, my name’s Mariana I’m 22 years old living in a village in Bulgaria. 

I’m legally blind I mean I can see some light or big objects as shadows and I have cerebral palsy in my case it allows me to walk but I don’t have good balance. 

I like talking to people, playing games like dominos or battleship etc., music of all types not much English rok by the way but the text melody and even the title of the song is always important. I’m looking for the beauty in the music I’m glad to hear something new like an artist that I don’t know etc. I also like learning languages and my plans for my lots of free time are to learn German, Russian Italian and Esperanto plus python and some morse code

I don’t like the Barriers the people make when they talk to each other for me everything is so simple I don’t like when the people make even the simplest thing complicated. 

I’ll be happy to talk to people of all ages and from everywhere  I’m open to everybody of course if you don’t ask me for dating and we can talk about different things and  we can exchange songs or if you know the languages that I want to learn you can help or we can even try to solve mat problems together. I prefer voice chat, but I’ll give my email for those of you who like writing or via it we can exchange skype, whatsapp etc. 

You can find me at marianarumenova9 @

Have fun!

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