Greetings from Florida!!


Name: Jennifer

Age: 36

Location: Jacksonville, FL

  • Hobbies: Making jewelry, junk journaling, cross stitching, sewing on occasion.
  • Likes: Netflix and Amazon Prime video. Whenever I’m crafting I’m always watching something. Collecting items to make junk journals.
  • Collections: I’m obsessed with turtles. I have a weakness for pretty Washi Tape. I also collect things Earl Grey tea items, Star Trek: TNG items (Anything Picard). I have just started collecting Records. I have quite a few Beatles records as I’m a big Beatles fan. I’m hoping to start acquiring more.
  • Music: Classic Rock. Bob Seger, Beatles, Allman Brothers, etc. Heavy metal. Some country. Andy Grammer. Celtic Thunder. The list goes on and on.

What I would like in a pen pal: Someone to talk to. I have some social anxiety so making friends in person is really hard for me. I would really love a pen pal that’s a crafter but that’s not a deal breaker. I don’t care about gender but do prefer pen pals between 32 and 50.

Email: lifes.journey1981 @

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