Name: Karen

Age: 24

Location: Indiana, USA 

Looking for pals/friends/buds/whatever!

The internet is awesome for connecting you with friends that are around the world. I have quite a few, and I wouldn’t mind having a bit more! 

I know way too much about early 2000’s pop culture, and I re-pin DIYs on Pinterest I know I’ll never recreate. I, also, like crime fighting and mad dancing along to songs that nearly everyone else would be embarrassed to. I am have kept a succulent alive for nearly 6 months, and I have a decent credit score. That makes me an adequate adult, right?

  • Hobbies/Interests: bad dad jokes, lame puns, aesthetically pleasing gifs, dream catchers, gemstones, indoor plants, fashion, traveling, snail mail, pastel-colored hair, floral sleeve tattoos, writing poetry/prose. painting, graphic design, photography, music, hiking, swimming, biking, soccer

I am a mental health and LGBTQIA+ advocate.

Fun fact: My pinky fingers are crooked, and I am fluent in American Sign Language 

karenography on tumblr
karenography @ gmail . com is my email

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