Hi! I’m Phoebe, I’m 21 from England.

I had quite a few pen pals when I was a bit younger but we lost contact over university. I’m finishing university soon and would love to make some new pen pals. 🙂 I don’t mind where from or which gender.

About Me

  • This is always the hardest part! I love drawing and it would be cool if we could have a little art exchange.
  • I also love the cinema and the theatre. I’m always open for film recommendations. I tend to like a range, Some of my favourites for example are: Grand Budapest Hotel, the Marvel movies, Oldboy. TV recs are also good otherwise I’ll settle for rewatching Gilmore Girls again haha. Some other shows I like: GOT, New Girl, Terrace House, Brooklyn 99 and many others.
  • I would love to properly travel one day, so maybe this is my way of finding people to stay with? 🙂

I’ll leave it there, and you can get to know more about me through letters haha

But yeah, I would prefer snail mail (because I like writing long ramble-y letters and feel like a robot over email.) We can start via email or tumblr messenger but with the intention of moving on to letters. Thanks !

duckoverworld @ outlook . com

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