Hello everyone! 

Name: Ashley
Age: 25
Location: Louisiana, USA 

Looking for friends/someone to chat with 

I’ve had a few pen pals in the past and would love to connect with someone again. I would prefer someone around my age and english speaking as that is the only language that I know. I love to travel and started working at a travel agency right after I graduated college. 

I spend most of my time watching Netflix or something on youtube. I LOVE documentaries of any kind but true crime ones really have a special place in my heart. My fav shows are Outlander, The Office, Parks & Rec, Gossip Girl, Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, Riverdale and so much more. I also love a bit of reality tv sprinkled in there lol.

Also just a girl trying to navigate the world as an actual adult which is proving to be a difficult task. You can email me or message me on tumblr! 

Fun fact: I have two different color eyes. One is blue the other is a hazel/green 🙂 

Contact: ashleyclairee on tumblr
OR ashpink102 @ yahoo . com is my email

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