Looking for some interesting people – yes, I’m looking for you


Hey, it would be really nice if you take a few minutes to read this! 🙂

I’m Carina, a 18 year old girl from Austria. I am looking for open-minded penpals from all over the world! I don’t know if anybody is reading this, or if I am boring, but I recently read some interesting posts here and I thought that it would be nice to talk to someone from a different country, with a different culture, language, knowledge,…

Age, race, gender, sexuality and other facts about you doesn’t matter – I am looking for interesting pals and I think everybody is intersting in some way.

I would desrcibe myself as a little swot, that’s because i don’t have any special hobbies. In my leisure time i like to
-read (i love love love A Song of Ice and Fire and nearly every other book – except animes)
-watch netflix (Pretty Little Liars, Stranger Things, and so many more…)
-go to the gym
-go for walks
-listen to music (same here: I don’t have a favourite genre, i like rock, metal, pop, hardstyle, house, songs which are in the charts,…)
and so many more things

-nature (that means flowers, animals, stars, mountains, lakes, the ocean, water in general, woods, wind, thunderstorms, rain, sun, snow, plants,…)
-music (as i wrote above but it is so important i thought it wouldn’t be fair to only mention it once)
-friends, family
-my cat and nearly every cat in the whole world
-food (food in general, baking, cooking,…)
-old-fashioned things (clothing, music, paintings, watches,…)
-tumblr (of course…)
-dry humor (or in general every kind of humor)

Languages: german, english (fluent), french (not so well but ça va), spanish (a little bit)

So, If you think you could get along with me,  send me a message. We can chat and maybe send snail mails (but only if you are in europe, sorry).

tumblr: tomorrowisalwaysabetterday

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