I’m pretty open to whatever new things


Hey guys this is salma I’m 18 ys and I live in Egypt. I’m fluent in English frensh and arabic. I’m a part of so many fandoms that I don’t know where to start. I love writing, taking pictures of people/nature/places, drawing, dancing and practicing spiritual stuff like meditation/yoga. I’m obsessed with movies(especially the 80’s)/series(a big Friends fan*I memorized every line*)/animation and books. I’ve been watching manga animes series since I was 4 but I recently started reading it so if you’re an anime faan and you could introduce me to your favourite mangas that would be awesoome. I watch too much YouTube (David dobrick/lisa koshy/markiplier/the anime man..etc..) I love video games. I watched several indian/korean series and it was pretty cool. I love different cultures and backgrounds and would like to visit aloot of places but right now the top places on my list are japan and india. I’m a pretty open person and I love having fun and being active. My music preferences are (Lana del Rey/cigarettes after sex/halsey/alina baraz/old 2000’s/arctic monkeys/foster the people/coldplay/macklemore/melanie martinez/shakira/Katy perry/kesha/rihanna/pink/the 1975/21 pilots/the killers/AC DC/nirvana/tove lo/LP/indian/kpop/paramore/echosmith..etc..) if you’re 18+ that would be good but 15/17 are cool too. Ig/tumblr/twitter: @salmaelemary

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