Pen pal please!


*disclosure: I am SUPER busy and need a pen pal that is a bit more “relaxed” I sometimes am not able to send regularly, but I try my best to get a letter/package out after I’ve received one.

Name: Caitlyn or Cat

: 24

: Brooklyn, Ohio (US)

Looking for a pen pal between the ages of 21-30. US or international. I ONLY speak English.

  • Interests: Crochet, movies, music, puzzles, makeup, nail art, cats, coffee
  • I don’t need anyone judgemental, homophobic, anti feminism, or super right wing politics. (I’m a libertarian)

I like to include goodies and presents from time to time. If letters only is your preference just include that if your interested and we can do that 🙂

Email: caitlynnicole11 @ gmail . COM

You can also message me here on Tumblr


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