Hello! My name is Solimar, I am seventeen and I am from the USA. Traveling is one of my dreams, so making friends from all across the world would be a great start! I posted on here about a year ago, and I am posting again because I have grown a lot this past year due one of the people I met through this Tumblr. I am open to communicating through email or snail mail. I love to play guitar, ukulele, read (and I love book suggestions!), and cook. I would describe myself as at times the mom friend because  love to help my friends as much as a can, and I will mother them when they procrastinate. My music taste is all over the place, but I would say my favorite artist is Hayley Kiyoko. I would love to learn about other cultures and traditions from someone in them rather than reading about it from the outside. My favorite subjects are Psychology and Biology, and I hope to become a Physician Assistant in the future. For those wondering my personality type is INFJ and I am a Slytherin. Hope to hear from you soon!

Email: SolimarStrouse@gmail.com

Instagram: Infinite_skylines__


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