Pen pals?

Hi! My names Avery. I’m 21 years old I live in New Mexico currently but I’m originally from Texas and hope to move back soon. I have lots of pen pals and I love each one of them and I would love to have more! I love writing letters, putting together cute little packages and sending art back and forth! I would prefer female pen pals (sorry not to be mean just a preference). I’m SUPER into movies I watch them all the time and I’m always looking for/giving recommendations. I am an artist so I do all kinds of that fun stuff like draw, paint, sculpt, charcoal, arts and crafts and so much more! I love elephants, llamas and alpacas and have a huge phobia of cows(yes I know it’s ridiculous) my favorite colors are maroon, pink and gold. I can’t wait to exchange letters with whoever you are! ?? I can be reached by email (I check it all the time) have a wonderful day!

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