hey hey! My name is Christiana and I’m a college student in NYC (US) looking to meet more ppl! 

About Me:
I study Creative Writing. I’m passionate about poetry, art, and making Spotify playlists (for Spotify inquiries: chrissaswims). I love going to concerts, galleries, and outdoor things like hiking, rafting, etc. I throw my hands in the air when I dance.


  • some of my fav music artists – Sufjan Stevens, Kanye, SZA, King Krule, Respighi, Talking Heads, Elvis Depressedly, Florist, Bob Dylan, so much more…
  • fav poets/authors – Anne Carson, Rilke, Oppen, César Aira, Simone Weil, Khalil Gibran, Anaïs Duplan….
  • fav movies – Submarine, Coraline, Ferris Bueller, Into the Wild…
  • fav places – the river, the ocean, the mountain, the city, the place between wakings

Anyway, pls hmu for any reason, virtual or snail mail.
or email: chrissaswims @ 

I love writing letters for the tangible way it connects people but I also like things like watching movies over FaceTime, texting links to each other, etc.
have a lovely life !!!!

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